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Wednesday, April 22

Papadosio w/TAUK The Lyric Theatre, Oxford, MS

Papadosio w/TAUK
The Lyric Theatre, Oxford, MS

When I first heard about this pairing, I couldn’t help but smile. Then, when I saw that Papadosio w/TAUK was coming within an hour and a half drive of me, I could hardly contain myself! With both bands relying heavily on instrumental jams, each with its own ability to create whirling waves of sonic energy, the Fourshadows Tour was destined to be a must-see from the moment it was announced. As I walked into the Lyric Theatre, strategically placed on the Square in Oxford, MS, I was immediately approached by a representative of the non-profit organization Share Your Cloud. This young organization has teamed up with Papadosio on this tour in order to help raise awareness for different charity organizations in each of the cities they visit. Artists, primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region, have donated some beautiful pieces to be raffled off at these shows. Proceeds from this particular raffle were going to a charity organization called pur[SHOE]ing joy, which is based in Antigua, Guatemala and seeks to fight poverty by giving shoes to those in need. Share Your Cloud will continue to join Papadosio in Norfolk, VA on May 14 and Washington, DC on May 15, so keep a lookout for the table and be sure to help them and Papadosio donate to great causes!

TAUK took the stage at 8:00 almost on the dot. The instrumental rock fusion quartet made their presence known immediately, shredding through a tidal wave of explosive builds and progressive energy. These guys are a prime example of playing tight but loose at the same time. They are so locked in to each other, but they also stay out of each other’s way, giving their music plenty of space to breath and flow. Charlie Dolan’s bass playing seems so laid back, but at the same time it thumps through your body, sending a muffled vibration from head to toe. Isaac Teel’s drumming keeps the band in line, leading while at the same time not taking over, and he never missed a single beat. Alric Carter is a wizard on the keyboards, whisking the audience away with everything from dreamy, spaced out tones to speedy, wailing solos. Finally, from funky staccato stabs and rhythmic verses to whirling, mind bending solos, Matt Jalbert’s lead guitar playing is the icing on the cake. The resulting performance put the early crowd at The Lyric in an absolute frenzy, dancing like mad and roaring loudly for more. After about an hour long set, including a particularly notable cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom,” TAUK relinquished the stage as the excited crowd prepared for the main act.

By the time Papadosio took the stage, the room had filled up a bit more, and The Lyric was abuzz with murmurings of how amazing TAUK was and how incredible Papadosio was about to be. While I definitely believe this lineup made for a great pairing, Papadosio’s style is much different than TAUK’s. Papadosio relies more heavily on electronic aspects, and their jams are based primarily on group improvisation rather than instrumental solos, resulting in lengthy, repetitive dance sections that lift the heart and mind. The band’s uplifting builds are designed to take listeners to new heights, and in Oxford, Papadosio definitely achieved that goal. As drummer Mike Healy and bassist Rob McConnell set a unique groove for Anthony Thogmartin’s guitar and programming work, while brothers Billy and Sam Brouse form a dynamic duo of keyboards and synths, weaving throughout the empty spaces and creating the undeniable intensity of the group dynamic.

From the very beginning, the spacy, uplifting “…And This Is What He Though” whisked us away and led straight into a groovy, psychedelic “Advocate of Change.” After that came a “Stick Figure” that left the crowd in a state of elation, led by fleeting drums and a beautiful guitar solo. The band got a bit darker and deeper with “Method of Control” before rolling into the progressive “Smile and Nod” from their debut album. “We Choose” began a more vocal-heavy segment of the evening, and the driving drums and guitar kept the intensity rising for an explosive “Cloud Found” and a euphoric “Find Your Cloud.” Finally, to end off an almost two-hour set, Papadosio got down and dirty with funky takes on “Utopiate” and “Unparalyzer.” The band came out one more time to encore with “Hippie Babysitter,” from their debut album, and expressed their deep thanks for the great Oxford turnout for a Tuesday as they left the crowd content and gratified.
Papadosio Setlist:
| 4.14.15 | Oxford, MS
..And This Is What He Thought>
Advocate of Change
Stick Figure ][
Method of Control>
Smile and Nod
We Choose
Cloud Found
Find Your Cloud
E: Hippie Babysitter



 Words and Photos: Ragin' Randy Harris

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