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Dates: Railroad Earth - Winter 2015


In addition to all pre sale RRE ticketing beginning Monday 11/3, we will be releasing a limited amount of two day tickets for the Fox Theatre and the Independent. This is currently the only way to get tickets to the Independent show. These are likely to go quickly, so we encourage you all to go to  on 11/3 for your chance to see RRE at the Independent on 3/13, and the Fox on 3/14.
January 15 Minneapolis, MN—First Avenue
January 16 Chicago, IL—The Vic Theatre
January 17 St. Louis, MO—The Pageant
January 18 Milwaukee, WI—The Pabst Theatre
January 20 Omaha, NE—Slowdown
January 22-24 Denver, CO—Ogden Theatre
January 25 Lawrence, KS—Granada Theatre
January 28 Tulsa, OK—Cain’s Ballroom
January 29 Dallas, TX—House of Blues
January 30 Houston, TX—House of Blues
January 31 Austin, TX—Stubb’s
February 11 Columbus, OH—Newport Music Hall
February 12 Grand Rapids, MI—The Intersection
February 13 Detroit, MI—Royal Oak Theatre
February 14 Cleveland, OH—House of Blues
February 19-21 Brooklyn, NY—Brooklyn Bowl
February 27-28 Washington, DC—9:30 Club
March 13 San Francisco, CA—The Independent
March 14 Oakland, CA—The Fox Theatre
March 15 Crystal Bay, NV—The Crystal Bay Room
March 18 Phoenix, AZ—Marquee Room
March 19 Los Angeles, CA—El Rey Theatre
March 20 Solana Beach, CA—Belly Up Tavern
March 21 Solana Beach, CA—Belly Up Tavern

March 22 Las Vegas, NV—Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas
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Review: Yonder Mountain String Band’s: Harvest Music Festival - October 16-18 2014 - Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, AR

Two weekends back was the 9th year of Mulberry Mountain’s Harvest Music Festival, an annual celebration of music and art that takes place in the beautiful mountains of Ozark National Forest.  The adventure starts on the drive there going through twenty-some miles of continuous steep winding roads until all of the sudden it opens up and you’re there: one of the most scenic music festivals in the country.  This year’s festival even offered helicopter rides to give a great aerial view of the luscious green forest and campgrounds. And that always a roller-coaster weather forecast brought back nothing but Indian Summer Blue Skies!
Trampled By Turtles
Wednesday’s early arrivals were treated to music by eight bands including Dumptruck Butterlips and Deadman Flats.  Thursday was the first official day of the festival and was mostly a mix of bluegrass, folk and Americana with bands like Mountain Sprout, Donna the Buffalo, The Jayhawks, Trampled by Turtles, and the first of many Yonder Mountain String Band sets.  
Tea Leaf Green
Friday had a more eccentric lineup with bands like Elephant Revival, Cornmeal and Split Lip Rayfield leading the way to the brisk evening acts.  Papa Mali’s set featured bass aficionado, Reed Mathis, and slightly overlapped the Carolina Chocolate Drops set on the main stage.  As cool turned to cold, Joplin-based funky, jazzy, reggae band, Totojojo, had people staying warm as they danced their way to the next Yonder Mountain String Band performance that featured a sit-in by Jerry Douglas.  Immediately following Yonder Mountain was Railroad Earth in the Harvest Tent.  To me, Railroad Earth’s music is the perfect summary of all the types of music you hear at Harvest Fest featuring instruments like acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin and stand-up bass but getting into groove-heavy 10+ minute improvisational jams.  Starting at nearly 2:30am, Tea Leaf Green had perhaps the most energy and stage presence I saw at the whole festival.  From the classic power-rock guitar poses to standing on speakers and chairs, they had the entire crowd into it until almost 4am.
Ha Ha Tonka
The last day of the festival featured some of the bigger acts like Zach Deputy, Ha Ha Tonka, The Devil Makes Three and Lettuce.  After the sun disappeared for the night it was time for another amazing Railroad Earth set, this time on the main stage where the backdrop is the thick forest lit up by colorful stage lights.  This year’s festival featured the 4th annual Fiddlin’and Pickin’contest where the winning mandolin player got to play on stage with Railroad Earth for a song.  Following Railroad Earth was Yonder Mountain String Band’s last 2 sets of the festival.  Did I forget to mention that violin-virtuoso Allie Kral played with the group all weekend?  What an addition to the band, temporary or not.  One of the many highlights of the festival was Allie singing Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”.  The music and atmosphere was perfect and her soft, sweet voice carried through the cold fall air and into warm hearts and souls.    After the perfectly-placed cover they brought up Railroad Earth violinist Tim Carbone leading to some great Allie/Tim violin interaction for 2 songs.  Even though it was the last night of the festival there was no shortage of late night entertainment as 5 bands played after Yonder Mountain ended at 12:30am.  The Everyone Orchestra, featuring various members of different bands, played a crowd-guided improvisational set until almost 2am when acts like Andy Frasco and Mouth were just getting started. 
Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth
What a weekend.  Nearly every type of music you could imagine combined with art, beautiful people and scenery that would be worth the trip alone.  It has a completely different kind of feeling than the summer time festivals and not just because of the 40-50 degree nights and hay bale and corn stalk decorations.  It’s because it takes a special kind of person to make the journey through the long winding roads and cold fall nights making it a weekend filled with special people who are truly there for music, art and community. 
Check out a video of “Taught to Be Proud” from Tea Leaf Green’s late night set here:
Words: Adam Parker  
Photos: Dgold
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Review & Photos: Widespread Panic - The Orpheum Theatre - Memphis, TN - October 18-19, 2014

As Widespread Panic makes its way around the Southern states, before working its way up for a quick Midwest run, the band graced Memphis’ Orpheum Theatre with its presence for the first time since the historic Ice Storm of 1994 for two magical nights. While WSP has come through Memphis multiple times in the past 20 years, the excitement in the air for this particular run was unmatched. First off, the Orpheum Theatre is a rather small venue for Panic, so tickets were fairly hard to come by, and second, the venue is literally across the street from the world famous Beale Street in the heart of the Birthplace of Rock & Roll. The main concern coming into the weekend was still the substitution of Duane Trucks on drums for original drummer Todd Nance. While they had a few shows to break him in before Memphis, the chatter around the Panic family seemed to think there were too many repeats, due to Duane’s limits in learning such a broad catalog. The scene outside the venue, however, seemed full of excitement and anticipation for what would become an exceptional two-night stand.
The band wasted no time kicking into high gear, starting off Night 1 with a funky “Pigeons” into a groovy “Who Do You Belong To?” The energy flowing from the crowd to the stage immediately took hold in the intimate, classic style theatre; it was so pungent and tangible, I felt like I could have cut it with a knife. After a quick run through The Band’s “Ophelia,” Widespread Panic blasted out a dirty “Bear’s Gone Fishin’.” It’s about this time (about 3 or 4 songs in) when I always realize that Dave Schools’ bass playing sounds lower than every other bassist. I know that he plays a 5-string bass, but even so, it just sounds so much deeper, and crowd members can feel it trembling in their bodies. Also, Jimmy Herring’s guitar solo on “Bear’s Gone Fishin’” blew me away and showed that he was ready to rock! The band brought the jam way down to transition into a beautiful “Blue Indian,” as the entire audience sang along, almost so loudly that I couldn’t hear JB singing. A solid take on “Rock” followed, even though they’ve played it almost every time they’ve come to Memphis in the past few years, but the next three songs left me absolutely stunned at set break. First, percussionist Sunny Ortiz brought out some kind of animal horn for a few blasts, which led into a massive take on the Talking Heads’ “Papa Legba,” with JB crooning the vocals and Jimmy Herring really starting to find his groove on lead guitar. Next came a rollercoaster ride of “Party At Your Mama’s House,” an all instrumental tune that started off slow and soft, with teasing guitar swells and harmonics from Jimmy, and built up into a nice, danceable groove by mid-song, slowed back down for a brief lull, and blasted into a melodic euphoria accompanying Jimmy’s swirling, singing guitar solo. The song ended with Schools and keyboardist JoJo Hermann in a funky groove and went straight into “Porch Song” to end the first set, leaving the audience high up in the clouds.
The second set started off strong and groovin’ as well, as the band was obviously feeling the energy and feeding off of it. “Goodpeople” opened the set, as people could be seen hurrying back to their seats, so they could dance and sing along. A quick “One Arm Steve,” with JoJo on lead vocals and a sick solo from Jimmy, kept the crowd dancing, while they slowed things down with a passionate “Pilgrims.” The band picked up the pace again with “Holden Oversoul,” which featured a dark verse and a dirty chorus. Jimmy definitely stepped his game up on this solo, and he would stay at the top of his game the rest of the night. “Give” came next, keeping the pace up and Jimmy at the helm, which featured some crafty percussion work from Ortiz in the background. “Saint Ex,” a deceptively slow tune, followed up with JB skillfully keeping the vocals accordingly soft. The heavy chorus and bridge of this tune, along with another scorching solo from Jimmy might has well have brought the roof down. About this time, I realized that I had never seen Jimmy Herring so energetic on stage. He always shreds, but usually he stands fairly still and grim-faced. On this night, however, he was making facial expressions and even bending forward and backward with his guitar as he belted out one after another incredible guitar solo. It was a sight I will never forget! Next, however, we got to see our first real taste of Duane’s drumming. So far, he hadn’t missed a beat, but he had been laying low. As he and Ortiz moved into the Drums section, Duane carefully accompanied, while Ortiz showed that he has not only kept up his chops, but he has actually improved them. As Ortiz picked up the pace, Duane kept up beautifully, waiting patiently and playing his part. What came next was a “Hatfield” to die for. The tune always blows me away with such a powerful elegance that it permeates the soul and runs right through my very veins, all the way out to my fingertips. After “Hatfield” fizzled out, the buzz among the crowd was unmistakable, as the band teased the next song slowly. JB broke out the first line, “Why don’t we do it on the road?” and the crowd erupted! The McCartney penned Beatles cover had not been played in 12 years (835 shows), the biggest bust-out of the weekend, and the band followed up with “Climb to Safety” to end the second set. The two-song encore consisted of “Drinking Muddy Water” and “Expiration Day,” leaving everyone in the building clamoring for more.
I left Night 1 feeling like I had just seen an historic Widespread Panic show, but if I had known what was in store for Night 2, I definitely would have held up on those thoughts. While they started off the evening a little less aggressive than the first night, the first set was solid, consisting of a “Disco” opener, one of my favorite opening tunes, into “Little Kin.” “Henry Parsons Died” kept the funk rollin’, while “Cotton Was King” brought back some of the fervor of the first night. The highlight of the first set came next, with “Greta,” kicked in by JoJo’s signature NOLA-style piano intro, followed by Michael Stanley’s beautiful “Let’s Get The Show On The Road” and “North” from Widespread Panic’s latest album Dirty Side Down (2010). “Greta” always rips, and Jimmy found his groove again here, while “Let’s Get This Show On The Road” put the entire crowd in a hypnotic lull. “North” blasted the energy back up, featuring some incredible group movement and blaring solos from Jimmy and JoJo. The band lulled us again with “May Your Glass Be Filled,” but kicked it right back up for a first set-ending “Tall Boy.”
The second set opened with the Willie Dixon penned “Taildragger,” which brought out the same massive energy as we saw on Night 1, followed by one of the biggest jams of the weekend on “Barstools and Dreamers,” led by funky bass lines from Schools and bringing the audience on a journey of euphoric peaks. The band took it down for the fade-out jam and went right into “Gimme,” which JoJo kicked straight into a monstrous “Ride Me High.” Originally by the late JJ Cale, Widespread Panic has made “Ride Me High” one of their signature covers, sung by JoJo and JB, and they sure did bring it on this version! The band patiently started the tune off slowly, and Duane led the build-up into Jimmy’s screaming lead guitar licks. The crowd rode the wave as the band brought the energy back down for a dirty bass solo from Schools, before cranking it back up again, with Jimmy at the helm, to lead into “Love Tractor,” keeping the energy level up. “Love Tractor” led straight into a hypnotic “Angels On High” that strayed out into the ether a bit after a percussion solo from Ortiz and ended a monstrous five-song run.
The band picked up the second half of the set with a funky “Old Neighborhood,” which featured a lengthy keyboard solo from JoJo, in which he led the band in a tease of “Give Up The Funk,” followed by a nice jam before Duane and Ortiz took over for an incredible “Drums” section. This time, Duane got to show off a bit more and really went to town! Duane really proved that he was the right man for the job. He’d been holding his ground throughout the entire two-night stand thus far, and his work with Ortiz on this particular “Drums” section was just incredible. Schools came in to add some bass into the section, and as the rest of the band began to come back onstage, a couple of guests were finally noticed. For the first time ever, Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes and the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, joined Widespread Panic on the stage. But wait… there’s more… CRB guitarist Neal Casal emerged as well! Casal is also the guitarist in the supergroup Hard Working Americans, along with Dave Schools and Duane Trucks. Thus, this collaboration has been dubbed Hard Working Panic Brotherhood, and oh what a treat it was! The group teased at the crowd with a swelling intro, as Robinson crooned with his harmonica, and War’s “Slippin’ Into Darkness” blasted out from the speakers. This was my number one highlight of the entire weekend. This collaboration was unbelievable, and the groove they laid down on “Slippin’ Into Darkness” was just amazing. The first solo in this epic jam was given to Robinson on harmonica, while the rest of the band kept a solid groove, and then Casal had his turn to rock out a guitar solo. Duane and JoJo were the anchor on this tune as the rest of the group built up an absolutely stunning jam, intertwining lead lines and solos flawlessly. Finally, the last member of the CRB to join the stage, Adam MacDougall, crept in to sit next to JoJo and rock out some keyboards on a beautiful cover of the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” sung by Robinson, to end the second set to thunderous applause. The entire Hard Working Panic Brotherhood reemerged for the encore, which consisted of Robert Johnson’s “Stop Breakin’ Down Blues” and Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.”

Needless to say, the appearance of the CRB members put the icing on the cake of an incredible weekend in Memphis. The band is absolutely on fire, and Duane is holding his own and doing a great job filling some tough shoes. All in all, I would not be surprised if this two-night stand gets an archive release later on down the road. JB’s voice has never sounded better, Schools and JoJo continue to perform exceptionally well, as they always have, and Jimmy is rockin’ out and obviously having a blast. Here’s to many more years of Widespread Panic to come!
Words: Randy Harris 
Photos: Ellis Jones IV
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Dates: Greensky Bluegrass - Winter 2015

Greensky Bluegrass tourdates, as well as information on the new release, please visit
1/13 - Bloomington, IN - The Bluebird
1/14 - Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theatre
1/15 - Birmingham, AL - WorkPlay
1/16 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works
1/17 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre
1/20 - St. Petersburg, FL - State Theatre
1/21 - Jacksonville, FL - Freebird Live
1/22 - 23 - Charleston, SC - The Pour House
1/24 - Abingdon, VA - Barter Theatre
1/27 - State College, PA - State Theatre
1/28 - 29 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
1/30 - 31 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
2/4 - Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
2/5 - Syracuse, NY - Wescott Theatre
2/6 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues

2/7 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
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Review: Dead Winter Carpenters - Lafayette’s Music Room - Memphis, TN - October 2, 2014

The stage at the original Lafayette’s Music Room was home to legendary musicians such as Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Big Star, Kansas, J.J. Cale, Leon Russell and Kiss. On October 2, 2014, 38 years after it closed down, Lafayette’s Music Room saw its grand reopening. Chosen to help celebrate the grand reopening was a California acoustic rock/Americana band, the Dead Winter Carpenters. Consisting of Jenni Charles (fiddle), Jesse Dunn (guitar), Dave Lockhart (upright bass), Bryan Daines (guitar) and Brian Huston (drums), the Dead Winter Carpenters have traveled around the country rocking venues, festivals and audiences of all shapes and sizes. The event was the Dead Winter Carpenters’ first ever trip to Memphis, and before the show, the band admitted to me that they were not used to playing to the sit-down dinner table crowd that makes Lafayette’s Music Room so unique. They assured me, however, that it would not hold them back, and they did not let me down.
Featuring a well-planned mix of original material and covers of artists such as Merle
 Haggard, Stanley Brothers and Ryan Adams, the band immediately held the crowd’s attention, and by the second or third song, they had a solid group of the sit-down dinner table crowd on its feet. The Dead Winter Carpenters’ unique sound embodies all of the most prominent forms of American music. The band’s blend of country, bluegrass and Americana incorporates many distinct elements of jazz and blues. Most specifically, Lockhart’s walking bass lines gave many of the songs a traditional jazz feel. What struck me most about the band’s performance, however, was that every single member sang lead vocals on at least one song. It’s easy to see how such a well-rounded group of musicians has captured audiences in every corner of the country.
The Dead Winter Carpenters’ Memphis debut was a huge success. Their energy was hot and their confidence and poise on stage were only bested by their unmistakable love for playing music. The band primarily played tunes off their latest two records, the darker themed Ain’t It Strange (2012) and the more uplifting Dirt Nap EP (2014), but dipped into their first album for a song or two as well. Charles dug deep on the fiddle, shredding through dissonant harmonies and resolving them seamlessly. Dunn and Daines complemented each other beautifully on the guitars, filling the necessary spaces, but leaving enough breathing room and staying out of each other’s way. While Daines seemed to be the primary soloist, Dunn rocked out a couple himself, while Lockhart and Huston held down a firm backbeat. Those who stayed through until the end were treated to a “How To Make A Living 101” sandwich around a groovy “Lonesome Fiddle Blues” to finish off a great night of music at what will surely become a premier live music venue in Memphis, Tennessee.
Words: Randy Harris
Photos: Ellis Jones 

First Set:
One Foot in the Gutter >
Bootleg Jack >
Counting Flowers on the Well – Stanley Bros. >
Cabin Fever
Good Old Time
Find Your Home
Appalachian Night 
Colorado Wildfire
Big River – Johnny Cash
Long Arm of the Law 
Whiskey Ain’t My Wife
Second Set:
Detrimental Tendencies
Sun Don’t Shine >
How Mountain Girls Can Love – Ralph Stanley >
Love Amongst Thieves
Let It Ride – Ryan Adams
Wrote You A Song
Holy Moses >
Walkin’ Shoes >
Easy Sleep
Mama Tried – Merle Haggard
Okie From Muskogee – Merle Haggard
Back to the Well
I Shot Him
How to Make a Living 101 >
Lonesome Fiddle Blues >

How To Make A Living 101
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Dates: Umphrey's McGee - Winter 2015 (w/ Tauk, Joshua Redman, the Revivalists)

Umphrey's McGee dates:
1/28 - The Lyric - Oxford, MS
1/29 - Tennesse Theatre - Knoxville, TN*
1/30 - Taft Theatre - Cincinnati, OH
1/31 - The Fillmore - Detroit, MI*
2/4-5 - Track 29 - Chattanooga, TN
2/6 - Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, TN
2/7 - Asheville Civic Center - Asheville, NC*
2/11 - Jefferson Theater - Charlottesville, VA
2/12 - The National - Richmond, VA
2/13 - The Norva - Norfolk, VA*
2/14 - The Ritz - Raleigh, NC
2/18 - Calvin Theatre - Northampton, MA*
2/19 - State Theatre - Portland, ME*
2/21 - Palace Theatre - Albany, NY*
3/5 - House Of Blues - San Diego, CA
3/6 - The Wiltern - Los Angeles, CA**
3/7 - Fox Theater - Oakland, CA**
3/12-13 - Belly Up Aspen - Aspen, CO
3/13 - Downtown Aspen CORE Party (Free)
3/14 - The Depot - Salt Lake City, UT***
3/15 - Wilma Theater - Missoula, MT***
3/19-20 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR***
3/21 - Moore Theatre - Seattle, WA***

* - w/ Tauk
** - w/ Joshua Redman & Revivalists

*** - w/ Revivalists

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood -FREE live-stream from YAHOO - (THURS.10/23 9PM ET) - GEORGIA THEATER IN ATHENS, GA

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood has teamed up with Yahoo to live-stream their October 23, 2014 concert from the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. 
The event begins at 9pm ET. Fans can watch it HERE
This is one of 365 concerts to stream over a 12-month period on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo Screen. Fans will also have the freedom to stream the concert wherever they are through Yahoo Screen on iOS, Android, mobile Web, desktop, and Smart TV platforms including Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox 360.
The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is touring in support of its latest release, Phosphorescent Harvest.

Upcoming CRB tour dates are:
Oct. 23 - Athens, GA - Georgian Theatre
Oct. 24-26 - Charleston, SC - The Pour House
Oct. 28 - Chattanooga, TN - Track 29
Oct. 29 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage
Nov. 1-2 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre
Nov. 4 - Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
Nov. 6 - Riverhead, NY - The Suffolk Theater
Nov. 20-23 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
Nov. 25-26 - San Diego, CA - Belly Up
Nov. 28 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
Nov. 29 - Santa Barbara, CA - Lobero Theatre
Nov. 30 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
Dec. 2 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow's
Dec. 3 - Arcata, CA - Humboldt Brews
Dec. 5 - Nevada City, CA - Miner & Foundry
Dec. 6 - Chico, CA - El Rey Theater
Dec. 7 - Sonoma, CA - Sonoma Winery

Dec. 30-31 - Denver, CO - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

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Dates: Dr. Dog - The Flamingo Hotel Tour - Winter 2015

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Friday, October 17





...New & Upcoming RPF Releases...

Various Artists :: THIS IS THE TOWN: A TRIBUTE TO NILSSON (out now)
MIKE DILLON :: Band of Outsiders (out now)
AMERICAN BABIES :: Stark & Red (out now)
STANTON MOORE :: Conversations (out now)
JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY :: Millions: Live In Denver (sold out)
SUPERHUMAN HAPPINESS :: Sledgehammer (out now)

EDWARD DAVID ANDERSON :: Lies & Wishes (out now)

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(Additions) Halloween Festival: Suwannee Hulaween with The String Cheese Incident - Halloween Weekend - October 31 – November 2, 2014 @ Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park - Live Oak, FL.

 The second annual Suwannee Hulaween hosted by The String Cheese Incident 
over Halloween weekend October 31  – November 2, 2014 at Spirit of the 
Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.
Along with the schedule, the much-anticipated Suwannee Bluegrass Surprise 
has been unveiled as Keller Williams & Friends, who will performon 
Saturday afternoon. Catering to all tastes, late night options will not only include the 
Silent Disco with acts such as Thibault, Vlad the Inhaler, Uprise, Ployd and more, 
but several acoustic performances from Grandpa's Cough Medicine, 
Billy Gilmore & Friends, Applebutter Express and Dustin Thomas.

For guests that want to start the party a night early, 
Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Modern Measure and MZG have been added to theThursday Pre-Party with Electron and Particle . Tickets are available for $40 advance/$50 gate and include camping. 
Fans will be treated to three nights & seven sets of Cheese, along with a surprise-filled 
three-set Halloween show themed ‘The Afterlife’ along with music from 
Thievery Corporation, Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, The New Deal, Shpongle 
(Simon Posford DJ set), Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Emancipator, 

Greensky Bluegrass, Dean Ween Group, Conspirator  and more.  
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