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Thursday, April 23

Dates: WSP, Spring and Summer 2015

Widespread Panic Spring Tour
4/24 - 04/25 Brooklyn, NY @ Kings Theatre
4/26 - Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six Pavilion
4/30 - New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
5/22 - Orange Beach, AL @ Amphitheater at the Wharf
5/23 - Rome, GA @ CounterPoint
5/22 - 05/24 - Chillicothe, IL @ Summer Camp

Widespread Panic Summer Tour 2015
6/16 - Lewiston, NY @ Artpark Amphitheater
6/17 - Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
6/19 - Jay Peak, VT @ Stateside Amphitheater 
6/21 - Pittsburgh, PA @ StageAE 
6/23 - Lincoln, NE @ Pinewood Bowl 
6/24 - Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre
6/26 - 6/28 - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks
7/2 - 7/4 - San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theatre
7/8 - Dallas, TX @ Winspear Opera House
7/10 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sandia Resort & Casino
7/11 - 7/12 - Telluride, CO @ The Ride Festival
7/15 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Zoo Amphitheatre
7/17 - Rogers, AR @ Arkansas Music Pavilion
7/18 - Southaven, MS @ BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove
7/19 - Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Music Festival
9/5 - 9/6 - Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater
9/10 - 9/13 - Arrington, VA @ Lockn’ Music Festival
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Dopapod Brooklyn Bowl Preview

Dopapod are closing what one fan called the “best tour of their career” with a 2 night run at Brooklyn Bowl this Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th.  They have been on fire lately, and there is no indication that anything will change this weekend.  On the final night of their recent 3 night run in Cambridge, Mass, the band busted out a 56 minute cover of Pink Floyd's "Echoes," one of the obvious highlights of 2015 thus far.  One avid fan and member of the DopaFam fan group had this to say about the bold undertaking, and about the band in general:
"My 30th show was this past Sunday and they melted my god damn face off with a god damn 56 minute and 46 second cover of Pink Floyd's Echoes. Luke Stratton Designs is blowing minds right now and on top of his light duties he gets soundboards released almost as fast as I need to listen to them. They are freaking nuts."

The daring Pink Floyd cover, coupled with their surprise cover of No Doubt's "Just a Girl" at AURA Fest, shows that there is no predicting in advance what will happen at a Dopapod show. 
The band is off and running with a big summer looming ahead for them.  They have already played AURA Fest and have many more festivals on their summer schedule such as Summer Camp, Wakarusa, Mountain Jam, Bonnaroo, Mad Tea Party Jam, Electric Forest, and Peach Fest with more possibilities to come.  Don't think, however, that the band is only playing festivals this year. They are also playing Red Rocks, opening for The String Cheese Incident on July 25th, which most Dopapod fans seem to be the most excited for in the band’s upcoming schedule, and they are sure to announce more shows and tours to cap off an already stellar year.  They are a must see act at any festival or on their own for an evening. Another fan had this to say about his favorite band:
"They have a uniquely captivating sound that seems to keep a lot of us coming back for more. The first two or three times I saw them play I remember not being able to figure out if I liked them or not but found myself going to the shows regardless."
This just goes to show the type of effect that this amazing young band has on its fans, as well as new listeners around the world. We at Grateful Music cannot wait to see what they have in store for us at the Brooklyn Bowl and beyond!

Words: Mike Geller with assist/edit from Ragin' Randy Harris

Photos: Mike Geller

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Wednesday, April 22

Papadosio w/TAUK The Lyric Theatre, Oxford, MS

Papadosio w/TAUK
The Lyric Theatre, Oxford, MS

When I first heard about this pairing, I couldn’t help but smile. Then, when I saw that Papadosio w/TAUK was coming within an hour and a half drive of me, I could hardly contain myself! With both bands relying heavily on instrumental jams, each with its own ability to create whirling waves of sonic energy, the Fourshadows Tour was destined to be a must-see from the moment it was announced. As I walked into the Lyric Theatre, strategically placed on the Square in Oxford, MS, I was immediately approached by a representative of the non-profit organization Share Your Cloud. This young organization has teamed up with Papadosio on this tour in order to help raise awareness for different charity organizations in each of the cities they visit. Artists, primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region, have donated some beautiful pieces to be raffled off at these shows. Proceeds from this particular raffle were going to a charity organization called pur[SHOE]ing joy, which is based in Antigua, Guatemala and seeks to fight poverty by giving shoes to those in need. Share Your Cloud will continue to join Papadosio in Norfolk, VA on May 14 and Washington, DC on May 15, so keep a lookout for the table and be sure to help them and Papadosio donate to great causes!

TAUK took the stage at 8:00 almost on the dot. The instrumental rock fusion quartet made their presence known immediately, shredding through a tidal wave of explosive builds and progressive energy. These guys are a prime example of playing tight but loose at the same time. They are so locked in to each other, but they also stay out of each other’s way, giving their music plenty of space to breath and flow. Charlie Dolan’s bass playing seems so laid back, but at the same time it thumps through your body, sending a muffled vibration from head to toe. Isaac Teel’s drumming keeps the band in line, leading while at the same time not taking over, and he never missed a single beat. Alric Carter is a wizard on the keyboards, whisking the audience away with everything from dreamy, spaced out tones to speedy, wailing solos. Finally, from funky staccato stabs and rhythmic verses to whirling, mind bending solos, Matt Jalbert’s lead guitar playing is the icing on the cake. The resulting performance put the early crowd at The Lyric in an absolute frenzy, dancing like mad and roaring loudly for more. After about an hour long set, including a particularly notable cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom,” TAUK relinquished the stage as the excited crowd prepared for the main act.

By the time Papadosio took the stage, the room had filled up a bit more, and The Lyric was abuzz with murmurings of how amazing TAUK was and how incredible Papadosio was about to be. While I definitely believe this lineup made for a great pairing, Papadosio’s style is much different than TAUK’s. Papadosio relies more heavily on electronic aspects, and their jams are based primarily on group improvisation rather than instrumental solos, resulting in lengthy, repetitive dance sections that lift the heart and mind. The band’s uplifting builds are designed to take listeners to new heights, and in Oxford, Papadosio definitely achieved that goal. As drummer Mike Healy and bassist Rob McConnell set a unique groove for Anthony Thogmartin’s guitar and programming work, while brothers Billy and Sam Brouse form a dynamic duo of keyboards and synths, weaving throughout the empty spaces and creating the undeniable intensity of the group dynamic.

From the very beginning, the spacy, uplifting “…And This Is What He Though” whisked us away and led straight into a groovy, psychedelic “Advocate of Change.” After that came a “Stick Figure” that left the crowd in a state of elation, led by fleeting drums and a beautiful guitar solo. The band got a bit darker and deeper with “Method of Control” before rolling into the progressive “Smile and Nod” from their debut album. “We Choose” began a more vocal-heavy segment of the evening, and the driving drums and guitar kept the intensity rising for an explosive “Cloud Found” and a euphoric “Find Your Cloud.” Finally, to end off an almost two-hour set, Papadosio got down and dirty with funky takes on “Utopiate” and “Unparalyzer.” The band came out one more time to encore with “Hippie Babysitter,” from their debut album, and expressed their deep thanks for the great Oxford turnout for a Tuesday as they left the crowd content and gratified.
Papadosio Setlist:
| 4.14.15 | Oxford, MS
..And This Is What He Thought>
Advocate of Change
Stick Figure ][
Method of Control>
Smile and Nod
We Choose
Cloud Found
Find Your Cloud
E: Hippie Babysitter



 Words and Photos: Ragin' Randy Harris

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Tuesday, April 21

Photo Gallery - Mooh Hooch at Brooklyn Bowl 4/10/15 Late Show

Photos: Mike Geller

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Thursday, April 16

Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit Reunite ( The Real NewsToday)

Along with the announcement out of The Dead's camp, that Chicago's "Fare Thee Well" shows will be broadcast in select theaters. I am sure this will only appease the silent fans and enrage the loud ones. A press release was emailed to me that awoke my senses with the power of Thor's hammer striking Captain America's shield.
  Legendary improv-rock pioneers Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Resue Unit will reunite for a historic tour this summer. The wild, excitingly out-there, jam driven outfit will be complete. The surrealist Col. Bruce will surround himself with the original members,  Oteil Burbridge on bass, Jimmy Herring and the awe-inspiring Jeff Sipe keeping time. Relix brilliantly referred to them as the "Jam-band Velvet Underground" and the title is perfect. 
   Before I was Phishing and while I was following Jerry and his circus, this band played a seminal role in blowing my mind in a completely different manner. In a much more deranged fashion, than any other band. It's without question, because of these innovators, we have such a diverse, thriving improvisation music community today. The band parted ways in 1993 and each member has gone on to concour their respected worlds. There have been reunions' in the past usually missing a member and only taking place over a weekend or just a show. But to finally witness these musical geniuses reunite for a string of shows, all bringing their  wealth of magic they have gained over the years back to the lunatics' table. The musical possibilities are not only the headline of today, but will be looked back on as nothing short of historic. 
    There was a reason Jon Fishman serenaded the embarrassed Colonel in Knoxville on 11-28-1995 with Phish's only rendition of BĂȘte Midler's top 40 balled "Wind beneath my Wings". It was not your usual Henrietta joke, it was heart felt and it was a sign of respect. Because this pioneer and his outfit of raw talent rewrote the rules and everyone lucky enough to be present that night felt it. What they have in store for us this summer is anybody's guess, but I can promise you one thing it is definitely
the news of the day. 
Words: Kevin Long (An editorial)

Tour Dates
7-29-2015 Fox Theatre,Boulder Co
7-30-20-5 Fox Theatre, Boulder Co
7-31-2015 Mishawaka, Bellveue Co
8-1-2015   Ogden Theatre, Denver Co
8-5-2015   Iron City, Birmingham, Al
8-6-2015.  Cannery, Nashville, Tn
8-7-2015.  Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga
8-8-2015. Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
8-12-2015. The Ritz, Raleigh, NC
8-13-2015.  The National, Richmond,Va
8-14-2015.    The Howard Theatre, DC
8-15-2015.  Capital Theatre, Port Cheste
8-16-2015.  Brooklyn Bowl NYC, NY

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Tuesday, April 14

New Release : Holly Bowling to Record Album of Phish Jam Transcriptions (Track Lists, Links, Video)

"Distillation of a Dream" to include studio recordings of Phish originals, Tahoe Tweezer 

(April 14, San Francisco, CA) – Pianist Holly Bowling, known for her transcription and performance of Phish’s “Tahoe Tweezer” announced today the recording of an album of Phish originals, “Distillation of a Dream.”

Melding her classical piano chops with a dedicated love of the music of Phish, “Distillation of a Dream” originates from Bowling’s obsession with Phish’s rendition of “Tweezer” from their 7/31/13 Lake Tahoe show. Bowling transcribed this 37-minute improvisational masterpiece note-for-note and arranged it for solo piano. The process, both painstaking and fulfilling, inspired Bowling to transform other Phish songs and well-known live jams into solo piano interpretations as well.

The dual experiences of studying classical piano since age five and attending close to 300 Phish shows have allowed Holly to unite elements from two divergent musical worlds and synthesize them into a creation all its own. Having transformed several notable Phish jams into solo piano works, Bowling has been fastidious in her commitment to note-for-note renderings of unique live performances of Phish’s music.

Bowling explains the evolution of these transcriptions, saying “I started doing these arrangements and transcriptions for myself, sort of as a hobby, because I really enjoyed it.  When I performed them live though, I realized other people really loved hearing their favorite Phish songs and jams transformed into solo piano works.  I was getting a lot of requests from people wanting to download a recording, but I didn’t have any good quality audio to offer up.  So I decided to record this album.” 

When asked the goal of her recorded album, Bowling stated, “I think it would be really amazing if ‘Distillation of a Dream’ influenced people who listen to Phish to expand their musical tastes into some of the solo piano music out there…and on the other side, for people who listen to classical music and would never dream of going to a Phish show to hear the band's music in a different setting and maybe fall in love with the incredible music and compositions that this band has created.”

“Distillation of a Dream” includes two discs, the first highlighting Phish’s intricate songwriting, and the second a tribute to the spontaneous improvisation Phish creates during their live performances.  The second disc, consisting entirely of “jam transcriptions”, contains three piano reinterpretations of standout live performances, including the “Tahoe Tweezer.”  All tracks will be released as a double album on CD and the “Tahoe Tweezer” will also be released on 180 gram vinyl. A portion of the proceeds from sales of “Distillation of a Dream” will benefit The Mockingbird Foundation.

Holly Bowling speaks in detail about her campaign for "Distillation of a Dream".

The album is available for pre-order exclusively through  Every order includes an Access Pass, which provides videos of the transcription and arranging process, footage from the studio, updates on the album’s progress and a sneak peek at Bowling’s latest jam transcription. Pre-order for the album is available at

Disc One (55 minutes)
The Squirming Coil
Fly Famous Mockingbird
The Inlaw Josie Wales
My Friend My Friend
The Horse
Silent in the Morning
Harry Hood
A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing

Disc Two (67 minutes)
Tahoe Tweezer 
Mystery track – jam transcription TBA
Chicago Wedge
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