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Thursday, March 26

Album Review: Turbo Suit- Out Here - March 3rd, 2015 / Tour Dates

Turbo Suit
Out Here
March 3rd, 2015

The trio that is Turbo Suit (formerly Cosby Sweater) has been making increasingly large waves over the past few years within the jamtronica scene. From festivals (such as Summer Camp Music Festival) to after parties to touring nationally, the band’s innovative beats infused with live instrumentation have captured the hearts of dancers and music lovers everywhere. Turbo Suit consists of David Embry (production and vocals), Nicholas Gerlach (tenor saxophone and EWI) and Jeff Peterson (drums), but the band’s debut album under its new guise features quite a few special guest appearances, including Andy Farag, Jake Cinninger and Joel Cummins (all of Umphrey’s McGee), Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), Marcus Rezak and Joe Hettinga (both of Digital Tape Machine) and more. The album, entitled Out Here, gets gradually more aggressive over the first few songs, before taking listeners on a ride through the senses.
“Rewind, Pt. 1” kicks off the record with a groovy hip hop beat, featuring swelling synths sprinkled with tasty guitar licks. Rusty Redenbacher introduces the album through a cool rap, with lyrics alluding to the band’s new reincarnation. Cressman adds on some beautiful vocals, while Farag is featured on percussion. “Hourglass” has another hip hop style beat but begins to get a bit more aggressive with ProbCause at the helm with vocals. The bridge section features jazzy saxophone from Rezak and builds up to a huge drop, reminiscent of Big Gigantic. “Coogi Wolf” gets even more aggressive, with raunchy, growling leads at the helm. This song is all Turbo Suit, and the four-to-the-floor bridge section swirls and builds up to a raging peak.
The hypnotic intro of “Rewind, Pt. 2” holds down the background for the rest of the tune, as funky guitar and smooth, slurring sax take over the lead. The bridge brings the track to a lull, while Cinninger rips out a blistering guitar solo. Mesmerizing, dissonant tones build out of the bridge and back into the smooth sax lead. “Wake Up” is a much more laid back tune. While the name may at first imply that the song would jolt listeners awake, it instead comes off as a pleasant, gradual rising. The relaxing intro swirls into a heavier mid-section. By the end of the song, listeners are on their feet and ready to rage! The album picks up the pace with “Divine” and Zion I on vocals. This track starts off with an in-your-face dubstep style beat, but breaks into a heavy drum & bass section with Middle Eastern sounding synths, kicking things up a few notches. “Karate” brings back the four-to-the-floor beat, but with a bit slower tempo. The synth heavy tune is still groovin’ though, and the euphoric half time bridge features Cummins soloing out the final stage of the record.
Overall, Out Here is a fantastic debut effort, continuing the legacy the trio began under its former guise. From gripping, winding build-ups to funky instrumental jams, this collection of tracks will be sure to have fans movin’ and groovin’. “Rewind, Pt. 2” especially touches on all of the various elements that make these guys unique. Catch Turbo Suit on tour throughout the Midwest, Colorado, and Southeast this spring for a raging party, as the trio continues to grow and move forward in the world of music.
Words: Randy Harris 

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