The Dead will reunite at Lockn Festival

BREAKING NEWS:They got it done! For the love of Jerry and money they got it done. The core four have signed a contract to honor their 50th anniversary. The magic will commence with two headlining slots, at the soon to be historic Lockn’ festival next summer. If the early information is correct, the band will rotate out guitarist and have Mr. Bruce Hornsby on piano. Personally, I am doing the pee pee dance due to my excitement.

   Scott W. Allen the author of “Aces Back To Back”: The History Of The Grateful Dead, corroborated by another credible source. Reported that on November 20th, Phil Lesh was the last member to sign the best document since The Emancipation Proclamation. The guitar players that will rotate out are Warren Haynes, John Kadlecik and Steve Kimock. Barry Sless is also in the conversation.  You can expect a host of other ones, it is a celebration.   Stay tuned for more information on this reunion, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for more dates in 2015 to continue on this long strange trip.
Words: Kevin Long