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Wednesday, October 16

Review and Photos: Dopapod w/ Tauk and Chromatropic - Williamsburg Music Hall - Brooklyn, NY - 9/28/13

A Saturday night in Brooklyn means people out and about everywhere you look. Bars, restaurants and music venues filled to the brim with people drinking, eating and partying the night away. This past Saturday was no different at The Williamsburg Music Hall where Chromatropic , Tauk and Dopapod got together for an entrancing evening of music.
The evening started off with Chromatropic, a young and talented band from Brooklyn taking the stage. Unfortunately due to events beyond my control I was only able to make it in for their last two songs, but hey anything is better than nothing. They are a tight band that jams out and gets spacey while treading into what for many is unknown territory to create their unique sound. They finished off the evening with “Symbiotics” an up tempo tune, with a steady beat and some rather catchy guitar and key work. After only seeing two songs I can truthfully say that it was enough to keep me on the lookout for these guys in the future and a great way to start off this evening.
Tauk a local favorite of mine is next to take the stage this evening. After a summer full of shows from small venues to major festivals such as Summer Camp and The Peach Festival these guys are home and were ready to rip. The crowd seemed to be sprinkled with fans who knew exactly what to expect while the rest were anxiously waiting to see what the others were so excited for. “Dirty Mouth” starts the set off with driving drum beat and light guitar riffs, as the band slowly builds to a peak and takes off into some tight yet spacey jamming. As the set continues they dive into “Immigrant Song” a well-chosen cover of a Led Zeppelin classic which allows them to fully let lose all while showing their overall talent and ability to mesmerize a crowd. Other highlights such as “Dead Signal” an original and A Wicked good version of The Beatles “She’s So Heavy” rounded out a rather intense set of quality music. I have had the pleasure of seeing these guys several times over the course of the past 6 months and they truly seem to have grown and improved with each and every performance. Taking their studio tunes and stretching them further and deeper each time they take the stage while mixing in just the right amount of crowd pleasing covers leaving nothing but happy fans in their wake.
Dopapod the evening’s headliner who as always managed to pack the house came out and seemed as relaxed as I have ever seen them. The band right in the heart of a massive fall tour seems to clicking and playing as well together as they ever have and it is evident throughout the entire set. The crowd seems to be peaking early on as the band drops into “Faba” which just takes it up another level, with a beyond addictive melody and a tight driving drum line throughout. Clocking in at over 12 minutes this song alone was a great example of exactly how they can stretch out a song and truly connect with the crowd. Other favorites for the set were “Sleeping Giant” and “Vol #3.86” which were both upbeat and played very well as was everything from top to bottom. The set ended with “Stada” which was the perfect choice to give the crowd one more chance to leave it on the floor as the band fully ripped it up.
 There was a great mix of tunes with tonight’s set list, allowing the band to highlight everything from their vocals to their overall musician ship. Whether it was their extremely tight and precise moments or their ability to get spacey and really take a song wherever it was willing to go. With a razor sharp progressive jam vibe, their music fills a niche' that usually sits empty leaving little doubt that these guys and their music are both benefiting from their extensive touring as are the fans that line up night after night for what has turned into this all inclusive "Dopapod Experience".
Words: Chason Heins
Photos: Mike Geller
 ©Grateful Music LLC