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Saturday, February 2

Album Review: The Jed Luckless Band - Roll The Tape - 2013

The Jed Luckless Band, led by Jed Luckless and supported by a gauntlet of incredible like minded and talented musicians released their debut album, Roll The Tape, from January this year.  With it's diverse song choice and layout, unique and passionate vocals as well as some of the most inventive instrumentals.  It comes off as a well put together and easy to listen to classic rock album somewhere in the vicinity of The Grateful Dead meets Widespread Panic meets an invisible overseeing hand that lends to it's authenticity.

The upbeat "Still in Love With You" is a high energy way to kick the album off, with Jed's raspy and drawing vocals they do what they have always done best, create layers with music and vocals to construct a complete track that is highly addictive from the first listen.

"The Freeze" is surely inspired by many iconic bands that came before the JLB, yet taking on it's own direction. The story telling that goes on during this track creates a song that digs down deeper with meaning and again is a gift to hear.  One of the more fun songs on the album is "Victim of The Rhythm  with it's drawing electric guitar riffs layered over an acoustic background the lyrics supplement nicely and create a concise and tidy package.  While fairly new to the scene and tour circuit they come across as well oiled machine that are wise and talented beyond their years, this is evident when listening to the album.  Full of eclecticism, Roll The Tape shows a band willing to take risks that not only pay off but lend to a sharp edge of musical talent that is evident from the first song to the last.  All the while they somehow manage to stay very true to their roots with songs built with strong foundations and great lyrical penning.

The rest of the album delves in and out of quasi-reggae tunes, old school Grateful Dead influenced jam vehicles with the intricate guitar work and even more intricate lyrical play.  They show their influence by bands such as Phish and Widespread Panic along the way as they explore the outer regions of the invisible boundaries some musicians see when they go into studio and they are constantly pushing the envelope.

With Roll The Tape it sounds as if the gloves have been taken off and the raw vocals that mix with the intricate bass lines, unique and sometimes overpowering guitar riffs and layered drumming is all bottled up nicely into 9 vocally conscious and lyrically rousing songs.

With it being available on iTunes and Amazon digitally, it also is available on CDBaby if you want to have your own physical copy.
And to add to allure it is also available in limited edition signed by the band on their own web site
Finally, it is also available on Spotify.

Recorded and self produced, released, it was laid down in their own home studio affectionately known as Stramland after their drummer's name in which who's basement it was pieced together, Eric Stramiello.

The band, who put this up and coming piece of musical art together are 
Jed Luckless - Vocals, Guitar 
Kenny Kaufman - Vocals, Bass 
Mark Gutenplan - Vocals, Guitar, keys 
Eric Stramiello - Drums

While at times the vocals seem harsh and somewhat have trouble jelling with the sounds and song at hand in a smooth and flawless manner, Roll The Tape is great album with many influences, multiple risks, and some very high rewards worthy of listening to.
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Words: Sammy Martin
 © Phish and The Dead - a Grateful Music Publication