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Sam Martin, Editor-in-Chief

Kevin Long, Chief Administrator
We are always looking for a good new voice or someone who can shoot live music professionally.  We are in need of people from Southern California all the way to New England.
To become a contributor of Phish and the Dead please email a copy of your review or article.
Please include a brief bio (300 words)
Show Reviews (1000 words)
Features (2000 words)
Be sure to include your name and a contact number or email.  Once you submit work to 
Phish and The Dead it becomes the property of this publication.  All authors and photographers will be properly credited, watermarks untouched.  Articles will be edited, and may not run depending on the content.  If you have an idea for a feature article please send in a brief outline of your idea to Sammy.

The founder and Editor-in-Chief's bio, Sammy Martin can be read here.

About Us:

Founded in 2007, Grateful Music, LLC was once just Phish and The Dead, as we started as small website that eventually became apart of the Grateful Music Family. This is one of our many sites- our sister site is Phishapedia. focuses on covering live music. We strive to cover a multitude of bands, if they are good live then we are there.  We specialize in next day reviews of shows from around the world, though we are based out of San Francisco, Memphis and Missoula.  We have Kevin Long in Memphis running things in the South, and East.  We also break music news, publish articles and editorials and interviews and promote our fans to contribute.  We have professional concert photography from multiple photographers.  (Michael Stein, Derek Martinez, Chason Heins, Kelsey Winterkorn, Kevin Kenly, Ellis Jones and many more)....

Thank You and Have a Grateful Day!
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