Hackensaw boys group was formed in 1999, it is a string band. The boys of the group belong to Virginia, US. The group is well known for live shows and have performed in almost all the best-known music festivals. The group keeps doing the live shows throughout the country and overseas, the group members keep changing and presently out of four member team only one member is persistent from the original team.

Their first studio album was charisma composed by Larry Campbell was released a decade ago. The album has eleven songs, all the songs have the influence of their myriad and diverse life experience. The songs are written by David Sickmen and Ferd Moyse. Lary Campbell has given fresh music to all the songs and is a real treat for listeners ears. This is the album all the hacksaw fans must be waiting for.

Hackensaw boyz are reworking on their album “Oval Room” which was released in 1980. It had protest songs against the administration. The group is again adding a lot of blue to the songs giving it dangle and arrogance best fitted for the political situation is getting renovated for release. The songs are still apt for the current political scenario. The songs were written by Foley then are getting touch-ups by the present members, by doing so they are paying tribute to the legendary writer and composer. The group members said the idea of retouching the songs came to their mind while touring Europe seeing the current political situation in the country.

The songs of “oval room” album are light-hearted and the melody is fun, the person listening to it will easily fall in love with them and sing along. The photograph of the album cover is taken by Jason Alpa, who is a celebrated photographer of Virginia.

Th first two hacksaw album was released by valley entertainment. But unfortunately, the albums did not do well in the market. After that, they worked with Netwerk records for their next releases which did a good business for them. Later they departed from Netwerk Records and started to release independent albums.

They received country music hall of fame award in 2003. Bitcoin Trader is not a scam

Will give a full review of the group.