Are bot traders better than human traders?

If only there was a rule book that could make you skyrocket your profits in trading! If such a book did exist then everyone would have become great traders and everyone would have made profits. Unfortunately, a book like this doesn’t exist. But every trader wants to make profits. When there are so many options in investments why do investors pick trading in spite of knowing that this is riskier than the other options? It is with the objective of maximizing their gains. Also, trading is the one place where they have absolute freedom and absolute control over their decisions. Whereas in most other investment plans there would either be a fund manager taking care of the funds or there would be predefined steps involved in adding the interests. So there is nothing interesting for the trader to do. That is one other reason why several investors pick trading. In that case, why would people again want to surrender their control and use a trading bot like Ethereum Code which takes care of the whole process with little to no supervision? It is simply because these bots make the trader’s job simpler. And if you look at anyone who makes decent profits in trading he is very likely to be active in more than one market, more than one asset class. So handling them all simultaneously while also keeping a day job might sound close to impossible. Enter trading bots- these can take care of the processes that the trader decides to automate. But the one fear that most of the traders have is whether the trading bots would get better at trading than the human traders.

So are bots really better than humans?

There are a few limitations that a human trader faces and the bots aim simply to help overcome these limitations. In the end, the human trader always wins. And no bot trading platform can exist without human traders trading side by side. There is one place where the bot trading platforms can have a huge advantage over the human traders-

Lack of emotional biases

Every little trade you execute would be based on your strategy, the parameters you choose. The profits or losses you make might then leave a long-lasting impact on your future trading decisions. Most human traders experience this bias that results from their previous experiences. This prejudiced approach might not always be a good thing. Bots are free from emotional bias.

Benefits of automation in trading

When we think about automation in trading, bots like Bitcoin Loophole are the ones to come to our mind. But using these bots is not the only way to adopt automation in trading. The individual traders who wish to move ahead in their trading career might face a lot of friction. The friction might be the constraint of time or money or knowledge. Money constraints can slowly dissolve as the trader starts increasing the number of trades and making his trading strategies stronger. Knowledge constraints can be overcome by using any of the fully automated trading bots. Time constraints faced by the experienced traders, those who have thorough trading knowledge can easily be addressed with automation.

  1. Never miss a chance even while you sleep

There are some traders who spend their life trading. They might even be ready to sacrifice their sleep to make better profits and to work on understanding the market better. But for the others, there is the option of automation. Even when you are sleeping you would still be part of the market with the help of your automated system working for you.

  1. Placing orders without delays leading to price changes

If you have ever traded a highly volatile asset you would know the importance of each moment. One moment you find the price reaching your target value and the moment you place the order you find that the order was placed at a different value. So if you have an automated system then you can easily carry out these trades without having to face any price changes. Have you used limit orders? These are automated orders which help place orders at the exact price that the trader fixes.

  1. Mix and match

When you are sticking with just a few assets then tracking the progress might be quite simple. But consider those cases where traders simultaneously trade multiple assets, multiple cryptocurrencies or multiple FIAT currency pairs – one has to be a vigil to capture every detail with respect to all the assets being traded. Automation can be handy in such instances as well.

If you fully wish to explore the potential of automation make sure that you choose a bot which has customizable automation levels. Autopilot modes are great for those who know absolutely nothing about trading. But if you also wish to make use of your trading instincts and make quick changes in the strategy then you would need one that can allow you to make the decisions.

What are the risks involved in the use of crypto trading bots?

Crypto trading has become so much simpler especially since automation has been made easily available. If you are good at coding then you could use any of the popular APIs to make a bot by yourself to help you in carrying out simple trading activities. But for the others, there are ready to use bots like Bitcoin Loophole. These bots are backed up by powerful algorithms which can perform quick calculations and thus come up with the best trading decisions. There are trading bots that do work well and these can be useful tools for traders. But we cannot say that this domain is totally risk-free. When you are using trading bots you should also be aware of the risks involved so that you can stay away from the risky ones and only pick the most dependable ones.

Software glitches

Even the best software designed by the most talented teams around the world tends to have tiny glitches. These can all be captured only if there is a stringent testing system in place. But there are some bot developers that focus only on the development part and not enough on the testing part. In such cases, the bot tends to be released into the market with tiny glitches. The real problem would only occur when there are some tricky conditions in the market where the weak link in the bot gives in and the bot crashes unexpectedly. This is also because bot training requires a dataset. This dataset is nothing but historic data that is fed into the bot. Not all the bots in the market update the dataset and continue to self-train. So the dataset soon gets outdated and the bot would not be prepared for the ever-changing market. This again might cause the bot to fail.

Inefficient system

When you trade by yourself, you would have come across the problem of overfitting which makes the strategy too sensitive. This occurs if you rely only on a very few technical indicators to form a trading strategy. Similar problems could also be faced by trading bots if there are not enough technical indicators being analyzed. The best choice would be to use trading bots that come with the feature selection ability which helps them decide the best parameters to use for making every trading decision in every market condition.

Trading bots – are they income generators or trading assistants?

Trading bots have been spoken about a lot these days. If you consider them in their extreme case scenarios then you would not be getting the best picture of them. They do yield profits but the trading bots cannot make you rich. There are several scams but there are trading bots that work pretty well. If you really use the trading bots for the actual purpose they were designed for then you would surely be able to gain a competitive edge over the other investors. In this age where high-frequency trading or algo trading is dominating the market most of the trades placed at any point is by the bots. In such a situation if you totally avoid the use of trading bots then you would be left behind. But at the same time just because the bot has the capability of handling all the trading activities if you get too dependent on the trading bot then again you would be in trouble.

So if you are using trading bots like the Bitcoin Code how really should you be using them?

Use them for automation

Trading bots can work without a break. So even on those days when you have other work to tend your bots can work for you. Also if you have some important market event coming up and if you have to keep a close watch on the market, your bot can do that for you. The trading bot can work while you sleep. Most of the trading bots offer a basic level of automation. But if you find trading bots that also include machine learning features then you can be assured that the results keep improving as the bot takes feedback from its own results. Such bots can become perfect assistants for the busy traders.

Bots cannot generate income

There are some who believe that trading bots can help you generate income. If you find some trading bot website talk about making you rich with a very small investment do not be carried away. The process of getting rich with a trading bot’s help takes a lot of time. The real purpose for which a trading bot was developed was to help traders save time and to assist traders in the early days when their trading knowledge is limited. But relying on the bots should not discourage you from attaining your independence. When you continue to learn about trading you would surely be able to use the trading bots to save your time and efforts and also understand whether the trading bot really makes the most suitable decisions.

Have you met the bots that can trade?

Trading, in general, has been in existence for quite a long time. The whole journey has been a long and interesting one. From the time when people depended on their brokers to get the trades placed we have come today to a stage where orders can be placed with no human intervention.

Trading bots

The moment you talk about trading bots you would get plenty of recommendations like the Bitcoin Code and so many others. There is a huge number of options and each would benefit a different type of trader. But before you get into the process of finding a suitable bot, it would be a good idea to really understand what trading bots are all about.

When there is a system that can help create the desired level of activity and handle a task without supervision then it is called a bot. The same definition also applies to the trading bots. Codes are written to deliver a system that allows users to be able to automate their trading process.

How does a trading bot work?

The functions mentioned here apply to trade bots in general and not just the crypto bots. But for the purpose of clarity let us stick with the cryptocurrency market in this discussion. Bitcoin might have been the very first cryptocurrencies, but now there are plenty. Investing in Altcoins does come with a lot of perks rather than sticking with bitcoins alone. When you have so many crypto coins to consider how do you know which one is good at a given point of time? You would be performing a technical analysis. This involves comparing the coins and finding the most profitable ones. The comparison is done by calculating the values of a bunch of technical indicators. What if a bot could do these computations for you automatically? This is what you can expect a trading bot to do. It would not just calculate the indicators but also work based on the prewritten rules in order to make decisions. Most of the reputed trading bots are configurable. You can either allow the bot to take the decisions or you can take the decisions but simply automate the order placement process. Either way, you would be required to spend a lot less time trading than when you have to everything by yourself. Even with the less time you spend, you would still be able to make significant profits.

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We will see the real-life applications of the ethereum. Ethereum is considered to be a decentralized digital technology, called ‘apps’ or decentralized apps. Ethereum is encrypted by using the fuel called ether and it is coded called ethereum code. The ethereum is traded for a number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Ethereum consists of enormous computer network around the world. This network is also called a decentralized network. It cannot be shut down or otherwise, you can say that it is controlled by the single entity. Ethereum is a well-secured cryptocurrency and it has widespread applications.

In healthcare System, ethereum is used. In hospitals, it is used to store the data of the patient’s record. It plays a major role in the development of viral vaccines and even in the prevention of spreading of viruses. Ehereum will be used in the saving of our life.

It gives security to the hackers. There is no central server for the attack of the website to hack your personal data.

The transaction is made easy by the ethereum. As the words economy depends upon the transaction, ethereum is called smart contract is used for the transaction of anything of the value. The smart contract is considered to be a self-executing one which transforms the world. Because of the smart contract, all the business are free from the risks.  Each and every transaction is recorded in the computer called ethereum code.

There is no involvement of the third parties. Most of the internet users use one search engine called G to hack your personal information and they sell it to the company where they get billion of profit. Ethereum blockchain technology prevents the hacking of data. Large Corporation is supported by this ethereum.

Ethereum can be used in the politics. For every election, voting is done and the results of the polls are found to be altered. If we use the ethereum it is impossible physically and it is completely controlled by the computer network and if there is any change in this completely transparent. Thereby using ethereu blockchain technology, it will give us fair democracy.

The announcement from Google is that it will manufacture self-driving cars in 2020. It will make a great revolution in the field of transportation. Because the ethereum will be used for this purpose. The self-driving car is considered to be safer because the communication between them is considered to a thousand times faster than the human

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Bitcoin blockchain technology is now employed to buy gold. Numbers of groups have attempted to make security and transparency in trading precious metals. Now it got succeed by the blockchain technology. By using cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, gold is traded by Bitcoin trader. The Newyork based trade wind markets and Emergent technology holdings, in California, used blockchain technology. Trade wind markets issued gold stored by the Royal Canadian Mint. Blockchain technology is a decentralized digital ledger technology where the transaction takes place in an encrypted way with a transparent and secure manner.

The precious metal, gold is not exchanged previously in an electronic way. The Trade wind co-founder Matt Trudeau said that by using this new technology the significant transaction of gold will be traded. The transactions details of gold are stored in databases which are not secure and the traders have a complaint that as many investors are involved, the supply chain is open to all of them, The databases may be tracked or deleted.

All these problems are overcome by the blockchain and the crypto tokens which provides all the safety mechanisms. The transactions are continuously updated in the network and it can trace the origin of the precious metal gold. Adriana Hamacher, the managing editor of blockchain news said that any person who wants transparent transaction where everyone can know when and where the metal is produced and who is involved. It gives more support to the industries. Moreover, the transaction is well secured and faster can invest in the blockchain gold sector.

The blockchain deals with the digital currencies it has been used to track the marine poultry food to the health supplements. Blockchain technology in future it can give the information about the ingredients added in each commodity. Therefore it shows that the blockchain technology is used not only for currencies but also used in wide applications such as in healthcare, finance, insurance, energy and other industries.

We can get a better idea of how much god is stored in the vault if all the trading of gold is carried online. It will become a new digital currency. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency because of its limited supply and its easy transaction. If the gold also fulfills all these essentials the people will have trust in the gold. Then this digital gold is easy to sell.

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, monero, etc, are the digital currency which needs the perfect platform for making a trade. The platform for the cryptocurrency exchange is carried out through the online portal where you can exchange a digital currency for another. The popularity of cryptocurrency will make you curious to try in the trading market. Buying and selling of these digital currencies will make you think that which currency you have to buy to earn money? Best platform for the cryptocurrency exchange?

There are many options are available in cryptocurrency exchange. Each one differs in their functionality and in their style in the trading. They vary from one to another in the market. The following are the different types of cryptocurrency exchange platforms which will give you some idea.

The traditional crypto exchanges platform is the most familiar platform for the experienced Bitcoin trader in the stock market. This platform deals with the cryptocurrency exchanges rather than the fiat currencies. The small amount is charged for the platform fee. Example-Kraken.

Crypto broker’s platform, the name itself says that the price of the cryptocurrency will be set by the brokers. The cost for this exchange platform is considerably higher than the trading exchange platform. But using this crypto broker is easier. Example – Coinbase.

The direct trading platform is opposite to that of the traditional platforms. Exchange of orders takes place from peer to peer. The price of the orders for buying and selling is compared with the others price and if the price matches, then only the trade is allowed to take place.

Cryptocurrency funds are used when you want to invest your digital assets without purchasing. Here the crypto assets are bought or sold via public. Example – GBTC.

The top list of cryptocurrency for exchange is as follows

Binance – Binance is said to be the most popular cryptocurrency for exchange in the world. As it is native to China, it functions to the trader all over the world. It provides low trading fee. It is listed in top 10 cryptocurrencies. The exchange offers its coin Binance coin (BNB). The trading fee is only0.1%.

Bibox is launched in the year 2014, a new exchange provides optimal crypto trades and transactions. The crypto exchange is carried out through encrypted smart algorithms.

There are many options available in cryptos for buying and selling digital assets. Before investing you have to do well research about these exchange platforms.

It’s Raining “New Betty Boards” but who is Betty and Why Should I Care? Betty Cantor-Jackson’s story of the highs and lows of the Grateful Dead


 Betty Cantor was a teenage math and science prodigy when she dropped acid and found herself at 710 Ashbury, where she met Weir and Garcia.  She soon fell in with Bob Matthews and helped set up mics and recording equipment at the Avalon and Carousel ballrooms.  Soon, she was helping with the making of Anthem of the Sun. Bob was trying his best to make her his “old lady” but she ended up marrying Rex “Ramrod”Jackson. Being the first female engineer was no picnic. The Grateful Dead was really a boys’ club, not necessarily Garcia, but the crew was famous as being one of the wildest in rock music. Jerry would come over and she would “make him a cappuccino and cut his hair” while they listened to tapes.
While Bob Matthews and her were a team, she helped record and master Live/Dead, Workingman’s Dead, and Aoxomoxoa. While Rex and her were on the road, they recorded the shows, and this is important, with their own equipment and tapes that they bought. She would record shows when she could on tour but mostly recorded all the Bay Area shows and JBG and JGB projects. In today’s growing yet volatile global economy it is very important to improvise similar to how Betty and Rex did. Cryptocurrencies help one improvise and earn money even though the stakes are against you in the market. Crypto code is one such crypto robot which helps you perform this task with utmost ease with its capable assistance.  Rex died in a car accident in 1976 and from 77-78, she was “officially” hired and put on salary for handling Bob’s stage setup and recording the shows. Unfortunately for us, Brent and her became an item and when they broke up, she was frozen out. Ex-girlfriends, even one with the skills of Betty, became persona non grata and she was given the cold shoulder from Club Front and the Vault.
 Around 1987, she fell on hard times.  As someone accustomed to being in the inner circle of a band and the habits of being in the inner circle of The Grateful Dead no less, bills and other debts became overwhelming for her. She asked the Grateful Dead for help but none was forthcoming, so her house was foreclosed on and everything in her house was moved to storage, while she moved to her in-laws in Oregon. Now we’ve all heard of “Storage Wars” but back in the days before crappy, on-the-cheap television, there was a group of people who would regularly attend the sales.  Her tapes of the Grateful Dead along with, Legion of Mary, Reconstruction, Old and in the Way, Kingfish, the Keith and Donna Band and NRPS were purchased by mainly three people. None of them were really Deadheads.
There weren’t just tapes up for auction. Clothes and household items and sometimes they got a tape thrown in just for making the purchase.  One of the buyers just stuck his his purchase in a storage locker. The second was a farmer who liked the cases and didn’t really care about the tapes and let them slowly rot in a barn. The third was a couple who were into bands like ELO and YES. However, they recognized and could appreciate the quality of the music on the tapes. So there were there were three people who now had in their possesion hundreds of tapes of the highest quality.
“Being avid collectors of bootleg recordings by numerous groups, it only seemed natural to share in the wealth,” they explain via email. “Our Grateful Dead collection consisted of many of the common shows that were out there at the time. These new tapes dramatically expanded that collection and it wouldn’t have been right not to share them. This was our way of getting new material into circulation and also breaking the hierarchy of those collectors who held on to prime shows for themselves. Initially, we started transferring the tapes to VHS Hi-Fi on our own, but soon realized what a daunting task this was going to be. So we reached out to one of our trading buddies who we knew had connections in the Dead trading community. From there, he gathered together what was later to become known as the ‘Unindicted Co-conspirators,’ who put in a massive archiving effort to back up the tapes and distribute them.”- the couple.
They got in touch with Ken Genetti, who met them and went to their closet and later said, “For me, it was like King Tut’s tomb. I knew immediately what they had when I looked in there. The first thing I saw was Port Chester, N.Y., Feb. 18, 1971, an incredible show which was Mickey [Hart]’s last concert for many years and I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ Then I saw Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, Calif., ‘73, my favorite concert I ever went to. I pulled it out and I went, ‘Holy shit!’”.
This was in the days of “Dupree’s Diamond New’s” and “Relix” where in the back were trader’s pages and trade requests from people who were trying to start their collections and Genetti originally wanted to just mass-release the tapes to the hordes of new fans because up until then, if you didn’t know the right people or have the secret handshake, you couldn’t get at the choice material and Ken saw a chance to change the hierarchy.  Because there were hoarders who had loads of great tapes but just sat on them and wouldn’t let people know what they had. This is still pre-Internet, of course.  This didn’t happen but with the help of a trio of other tapers, who helped with gear, started spinning copies. Toward’s the end, despite the couple’s wish for anonymity, it got to the highest levels of GD management. Then the lawyers got involved and said they couldn’t sell the tapes, which no real taper would ever do anyway, but it stopped the transfer process. Basically the GD’s position was you own the tape but not what’s on the tapes.
However, copies of the 71′ Cap theater run, the Cornell show, and the NY Academy of Music show in 72′ were traded far and wide. In fact, the band doesn’t even have a copy of the Cornell show in the vaults and it’s Betty’s recording that the Library of Congress put in their collection of important musical documents. It’s also not impossible that the spreading of these beautiful recordings started the Dick’s Picks series, after ravenous Deadheads got copies of these and wanted more in 1993. The story could have been over but then Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra stepped in.
He’s best known for playing the “Weir” in D.S.O but he had also spent a lot of time working at recording studios for some great musicians. He was contacted in 1995 by the second buyer, a high school teacher, who had left his purchase in a barn to mold and decay.  “Out of 200 tapes, only six boxes were legible and 75 to 80 tapes had no boxes at all—they had completely disintegrated from rot.” Eaton took on the challenge and thought he could save some of the reels and his roommate happened to be Dick Latvala, keeper of the Dead’s vault until he passed away in 1999.
 “I spent all night long with some tools and cleaned up a portion of one of the reels. It was a reel from 9/6/73—a Garcia-Saunders show from the Capitol Theatre in Passaic that no one had ever seen before. So we knew this was a legitimate stash of tapes.”  Eaton said and started cleaning up the tapes in 40 box sets. The farmer wanted to sell his stash of decayed Betty Boards for a million dollars, that’s right, one MILLION dollars. He hired Eaton to fix the tapes and facing foreclosure himself in 2012 he asked Rob to help on some more tapes. He said he had found fifty more tapes in the barn and Eaton met him and was handed a box of tangled tape that looked unsalvageable. With a little loving care and time, those tapes turned out to be beauties too. In fact, half of them were from June 1976. High on his success, he got in touch with the couple who supplied Rob Genetti with his tapes and with a little research found the third buyer. He contacted the party in 2014 and entered into arrangements about the cleaning of all the tapes from all three buyers. So what are Rob’s plans?
 “What I’d love to see done—in a perfect world—is I think all the tapes need to go back to the vault, I think the people that have purchased these tapes should be compensated. I don’t think we’re talking huge sums of money but enough to make them relinquish the tapes back to the Grateful Dead. They should be part of the collection. Another thing that’s important is if these tapes do get back to the vault, Betty should get her production royalty on anything that gets released, which is completely reasonable. Those were her tapes; those weren’t the Dead’s tapes. I’d love to see Betty get her due.”
Betty says, she would love to see her work spread around. “I’d like everyone to get them for unless someone is making money for it, and then I want money too”. Not an altogether outrageous request from the woman who made some of the greatest Dead recordings of all time and was given the cold shoulder from the band and forced to give up her house and belongings. She said she didn’t ask Jerry for money because,”she could tell he already had so much of his shoulders.”
Her recordings are immediately recognizable “It has my tonalities. My sound is beefy. My recordings are very stereo, very open, with a lot of air in them. You feel like you’re standing in the middle of the music. My feeling is everyone wants to play in the band.” Between Owsley and her we have a duo who made saving this music for posterity a passion and job. The Grateful Dead should be ashamed of the way they hung her out to dry but the music business is cutthroat, even in the loosest of bands. Owsley got the same treatment pretty much.
“I did it because I love the music and felt it needed to be captured. It’s so beautiful that it needs to be captured,” she said. “Eventually, we’re going to be gone, and this is our legacy to leave behind.”
In 2012, she was working at Glide Memorial in SF, recording the choir. She has also recorded some DSO shows but her true legacy is the what she left us from the Dead camp and all it’s side projects. Here is a list of all the known, released Betty Boards. The “What’s Become of the Betty Board”project has still more it’s working on and the link is here:
Written by: Greg Heffelfinger
The New Yorker

Here are the currently available ones:

Betty Cantor-Jackson Soundboards

Grateful Dead
02.18.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.19.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.20.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.21.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.23.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
02.24.71 The Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York
04.05.71 Manhattan Center, New York City (End Of 2nd Set Only)
04.06.71 Manhattan Center, New York City
04.07.71 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
04.08.71 Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
12.14.71 The Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
05.04.72 The Olympia Theater, Paris, France
08.21.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.22.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.25.72 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
08.27.72 Old Renaissance Faire Ground, Veneta, Oregon
03.16.73 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, Long Island, New York
03.21.73 Memorial Auditorium, Utica, New York
03.22.73 Memorial Auditorium, Utica, New York
03.24.73 Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
05.26.73 Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, California
06.22.73 Pacific High Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C.
ca. Aug-early Sep ‘WAKE OF THE FLOOD Studio Out-takes, San Rafael, CA
circa 1975 ‘REFLECTIONS’ Studio Out-takes
06.10.76 The Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
06.11.76 The Boston Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
06.14.76 The Beacon Theater, New York City
06.15.76 The Beacon Theater, New York City
06.29.76 The Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
ca. Early 1977 Side Two Of ‘TERRAPIN STATION’
02.26.77 The Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, California
05.05.77 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
05.07.77 Boston Gardens, Boston, Massachusetts
05.08.77 Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
05.09.77 War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York
09.29.77 The Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington
10.02.77 The Paramount Theater, Portland, Oregon
10.28.77 Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Missouri
10.29.77 Field House, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois
10.30.77 Assembly Hall, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
11.01.77 Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan
11.05.77 War Memorial, Rochester, New York (End Of Show)
11.06.77 Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York
04.07.78 Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida
04.10.78 The Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
04.11.78 The Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
04.12.78 Cameroon Indoor Stadium, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
04.14.78 Coliseum, Virginia Polytechnic, Blacksburg, Virginia
04.15.78 William And Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia
07.07.78 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado
07.08.78 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, Colorado
10.18.78 Winterland, San Francisco, California (“From Egypt With Love”)
04.22.79 Spartan Stadium, San Jose, California

Jerry Garcia Band
10.11.75 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (Second Set) (w/Nicky Hopkins
10.17.75 Concorde Pavilion, Concord, California (w/Nicky Hopkins)
12.17.75 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (w/Nicky Hopkins)
07.20.76 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
09.18.81 (Location Uncertain) (Rehearsal or Soundcheck) (The Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia
circa 1975 ‘REFLECTIONS’ Studio Out-takes

Legion Of Mary
11.27.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
11.28.74 The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California
Various 1975 From 3.22, 5.22, 6.21, & 6.22.75 Keystone (except 3.22 – locatio

03.07.79 Rancho Nicasio, San Rafael, California
03.08.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
03.09.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
04.08.79 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, California
06.16.79 Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California
06.22.79 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
07.08.79 The Keystone, Berkeley, California

Garcia & Saunders
01.15.73 The Inn Of The Beginning, Cotati, California (w/Unidentified Fema
01.24.73 The Boarding House, San Francisco, California
07.10.73 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
07.11.73 The Keystone, Berkeley, California

Garcia, Saunders, &
06.04.74 The Lion’s Share, San Anselmo, California (w/Unidentified Female
07.21.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California (The Grateful Dead Played The
07.22.74 The Keystone, Berkeley, California
09.02.74 Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

Keith & Donna Band
08.20.75 The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California

10.17.75 Concorde Pavilion, Concord, California (Also See…The Jerry Garc
Date/Location Unknown

New Riders
12.02.71 The Boston Music Hall, Boston Massachusetts
12.04.71 The Felt Forum, New York City (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.07.71 The Felt Forum, New York City (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.10.71 The Fox Theater, St. Louis, Missouri (w/Jerry Garcia ?)
12.15.71 The Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan
05.26.72 The Strand Lyceum, London, England
03.08.73 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, California
03.30.73 Community War Memorial, Rochester, New York
04.02.73 Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Date/Location Unkno(Probably 1973)

Hot Tuna
10.02.73 Winterland, San Francisco, California

Jefferson Starship
11.24.74 Winterland, San Francisco, California

Sons Of Champlin
12.03.72 Winterland, San Francisco, California

 © 2016 Grateful Music LLC

Joe McDonald and RagBaby release new albulm 50 on May 19th

This album is called 50 in celebration of the fifty years that have passed since “Country” Joe McDonald put out his first recording in 1965.  Since you may have noticed that it’s now 2017, you will not be surprised that there’s a story here.

Though his music comes from many places, Joe came out of a folk scene that generally recorded live – and pretty quickly.  So he was shooting for a 2015 release when he went into the studio with the legendary Tubes drummer Prairie Prince and his band (James DePrato, guitar and stringed instruments; Diana Mangano, vocals; Blair Hardman, bass).  Then the music took hold, and he began to see multiple new possibilities.  He returned to the studio.  About 27 times, actually.

Here we have a veteran (in both senses) musician taking stock of himself with a long career behind him – and taking a major new approach to his art.  The lyrics remain plain and direct, meditations on aging and loss, especially lost love, and the meaning of important things.  But they often come in surprisingly lush and lovely musical beds.  It adds up to a powerful package.  In a time in which communication is buried under surreal political distortions and a cyberworld that buries us in information that ultimately tells us little of value, here is sharp, considered wisdom.


“Round and Round” –- rather dark lyrics – “People come and people go we’re born and then we die” – set to an elegant, beautiful tune.

“I Don’t Think So” – Borderline bitter end-of-love song that’s downright energetic and danceable.

“Poppa and Momma” – combines a ripping guitar lead and a rolling rhythm with Joe’s commitment to what’s important – “Serving and working and using my mind.”

“Sadness and Pain” – opens sounding like a Pink Floyd mini-symphony before going on to talk about “walking out the door.”

“Black Fish” – a folk song commentary on Orcas – with beautiful almost-flamenco style guitar picking.

“Silent Rage” – snarling rock song that’s as punk-angry as the Sex Pistols ever were.

“Daughter of England” – classic McDonald political fury, wrapped in a big envelope of soaring voices and guitars…she’s “sitting on a weapon of war.”

“Compared to Florence” – the pain of inferiority…made even sharper by country steel guitar licks.

“Era of Guns” – a McDonald folk song movie of contemporary American life…in the era of guns.

“I’m Free” – a folk-rock declaration of autonomy.

“Where Did the Time Go” – a waltz looking back on a long life where once we were all young stars, with good advice: “cherish today, it’s all that we know.”

“Seashore Symphony #2” – the joker in the deck, a collaboration with Bernie Krause.  An instrumental collage of natural seashore sounds with ethereal voices and guitars.

“Roseeann” – an a-capella lullabye and farewell.