Virtual currency

The amateurs to the virtual currency world strongly believe that financing in the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through the digital exchanges is almost similar to purchasing stocks from the concerned forex trading area. But this is actually not so. Read more about the differences here.

  1. Absolute exposure to trading occupiers.
  • In the case of trading any asset, there exists unevenness between the people dealing it and other externals. This means, while considering the case of stock, the people handling them are the financial administrators and other mutual fund dealers who have the stuff and take the immense advantage over the externals who cannot even approach the related economic entity or the meetings conducted over there.
  • Whereas, the cryptocurrency dealers include the company officials who really own the cryptocurrency tokens or the population that have a better understanding on mining these virtual coins along with the so-called massive possessors or the whales. These people can readily approach for these currencies and can easily go forward to purchase them before the rallies happen or even think of selling it during the selloff period when compared to the externals who will also be entering this sector sooner for these currencies.

However, the externals will gradually withdraw if the game proceeds to favor its preferred group in the case of cryptocurrencies. But this is not the situation with actual stocks because there are strict trading rules and strategies for their internal traders that do protect the externals from losing their hope. Moreover, since the cryptocurrency exchanges are de-regulated as well as do not possess the information about its users, regulating them is a little different process.

  1. The absence of the security issue
  • While stock trading, the dealers make sure that your traded assets and currency are covered up to say five lakh dollars. This insurance further means that if any problem is accounted in the transaction or things go out of the business track, then the government will surely reimburse you. Thus, it renders a source of peacetime to all the stock investors.
  • In contrast to the above, the cryptocurrencies never provide such a guarantee factor because these virtual currencies are not even treated as legal coins in many of the global countries. So, there are chances that the investors could lose all these digital currency assets and even the exchanges do not reimburse them. Hence, you need to be vigilant about your financial wealth for nicely handling these crypto coins.

Although the digital currency is not a secured resource, they offer the great benefit of wallet purchasing and selling of goods and assets in the coolest manner.

Cryptocurrency Technology

The well-known fact that the cryptocurrency technology and its currency generation is truly independent of any specific strategy makes it partly different from the method of forex trading. Mostly the openly traded stock items are assisted by certain ventures that, in return, makes revenue and asset in this whole process. Apart from this, there exist a few more dissimilarities between the cryptocurrency trading and the stock trading. Here is the complete information

  • Even though the virtual currency technology is a tightly secured system, if there occurs a rare chance that the frauds filch your private keys by infringing into the respective exchanges, then there are chances that you lose both your account and currency permanently because the transactions taking place in the blockchain are irreversible in nature. Also, litigating the crypto exchange would not help either because they can opportunely declare bankruptcy. Of course, exceptions are there but only a few.


The cases of scams or fiddles can also happen with the stocks or other securities but it just cannot be hidden all of a sudden. Even if the frauds somehow managed to transfer deposits from the customers, these hookups are really irreversible. Moreover, such cases are not reported until now that someone breached into a stock brokerage and it lost all the customers deposits or assets.


  • While stock trading, you can assure that you receive the best offer or bid across the global exchanges.


Differently, the cryptocurrency rates are unique all over the world and the corresponding agencies really have no legal right to alter the virtual currency value.

However, the cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology are widely adopted means right now. Ranging from the small ventures to the complex multinationals or from the medical sector to the financial area, everyone is employing this leveraging blockchain and its features for easy electronic transactions.

Cryptocurrencies were once regarded as the evil money linked with the dark web, but now, people have explicitly started craving for betting on the ever-volatile bitcoin value. Additionally, the authority and centralization of the dollar currency are greatly being challenged by the rising use of the virtual currencies and this trend might continue for the coming years till they get established. Apart from this, almost 70% of the worldwide monetary transactions are being deregulated at a fast pace with the advent of bitcoin technology.

Thus, there is certainty in the fact that the future flow of international trading will change its dynamics with the aid of these cryptocurrencies.

Official Phish T Shirts

If you see then the stocks in the same sector will tend to have similar price movements. If the companies are of the same size then this means that the stock movement will be pretty much the same. This happens because the size of the companies is the same, so is their business and the same external factors are what affect their stock price.

But this does not mean that you will see an exact percentage increase or decrease in their stock price. Suppose there is bad news about the banking sector then this does not mean that al the banking stocks will fall by the same amount. Some may fall by 1%, some by 2% and some by 0.5%. You will see some similar bearish patterns on these stock charts.

Here it could happen that one of the stocks is making a dark cloud cover pattern and the other is making a bearish engulfing pattern. Both the candlestick patterns tell you then the stock has to be short. But which one do you choose?

You will need to understand which patterns are more prominent than the others. While the bearish engulfing and the dark cloud cover pattern both tell you to be a seller in the market, you need to pick up the stock that has a bearish engulfing pattern and leave the stock that is showing a dark cloud cover pattern. This is because the bearish engulfing candle is more bearish as compared to the other candlestick pattern.

That being said you should not short a stock blindly just by seeing the candlestick pattern. The trade should also be a qualified one for you to take it. Just seeing a candlestick pattern being formed is not sufficient.

TheHarami pattern

Harami or pregnant, full information is another very popular multiple candlestick patterns. This is formed using two candles. The first candle will have a long body and the second will have a short body. The second candle color will mostly be opposite to the color of the first candle. The harami is a popular trend reversal candlestick pattern. The harami pattern is further classified as bullish harami and bearish harami.


One may think that it is really difficult to buy heart so many candlestick chart patterns to be able to take the trades. The most important thing is to understand what the candles are doing. It is about looking at the major demand and supply zones first. A candlestick pattern getting formed at those levels act as an odds enhancer and makes you confident of taking the trade.


Imagine a chart where you can see a clear uptrend and then a bearish engulfing pattern and then a formation of a doji.

What is the use of a doji here? When there is an uptrend and has been there for longer then this indicates that the bulls are in control. When a green candle is formed on the first day then this signifies that the bull is still dominating the market. When the market opens higher on the second day then there is now a desire to sell in the market and this causes the price to go below the previous day’slow. The trading that takes place on day 2 sets in some panic but not enough to get the bulls out of the market.

Imagine now what happens on the day 3. The opening is still very weak but not as much as the close on day 2. This does not go well with the bulls. The market tries to move up higher on day 3 but this cannot be sustained. The market is not able to sustain the low also and this causes a doji to form. When a doji is formed this means that there is indecision in the market and neither the bulls nor the bears have any control.

The bulls were panicked on day 2 and on day 3 they are not sure what is going on. There are panic and uncertainty and this causes the doji to be formed.

What can you infer out of it?

When you see adoji that get formed after a candlestick pattern that is recognizable then this creates even better opportunity. It is a good formation to take a trade because here the bulls have definitely lost control. You can now go ahead and short the market, but take care to place a stop loss on the trade.

The piercing pattern

Ina piercing pattern, this review the candle that gets formed on day 2 partially engulfs the candle that is formed on day 1. The candle formed on day 2 is a green candle and that on day 1 is a red candle. The engulfing should be more than 50% and less than 100%.

As long as this stands true the pattern can be traded as you will trade an engulfing pattern. The risk-taking trader will take the trade on day 2 when the pattern forms and the market is about to close. The risk-averse trader will take the trade after the second day only when he is sure that the pattern is confirmed. The stop-loss has to be placed below the candlestick pattern formation.

Bitcoin is more like a business token

The nature of the cryptocurrencies and its bitcoin code trading is almost similar to the stock or forex market in the way that as the number of people buying these cryptocurrencies increases, the more will be its currency value and if the number preferring these virtual coins goes down, the value also lowers accordingly. However, the other characteristics of these cryptocurrencies like its source of origin, how to own it and all are kind of different when compared to investing in the shares of a corporate company.

What is a Bitcoin and what is the real purpose of using it?

Bitcoin is more like a business token that helps you to conduct business and aid you in trading assets securely even without involving any banking institutions or so for their payment processing or transaction verifications. This currency can be exchanged with someone for local currency or can be bought from someone for money and can even be used for trading a product. Hence, Bitcoin can be referred to as a bartering coin whose supply is limited or confined to the digital world only. People gradually find it from the virtual world by mining because these coins keep on generating through the blockchain technology.

Even though this cryptocurrency is a limited resource, its price is extremely volatile in nature. The rate of a single bitcoin has reached $8,120 which is almost 4.5 lakhs of Indian currency.

How about buying a Bitcoin Stock?

If you are planning to invest in bitcoin for obtaining a huge profit later by selling it or using this virtual currency to pay it for useful commodities or assets, you will have to follow a specific strategy to purchase the stock in it. Here are the full details.

  1. Download the cryptocurrency wallet and link your credit or debit card to it. This is the virtual storage space allotted for keeping all your bitcoins. Apart from the bitcoins, these wallets do hold the personal key or password made of finite numbers or letter chain that is unique to the wallet owner for security purpose.


  1. The transferring of bitcoins occurs only through the bitcoin exchange and so, register with any convenient online cryptocurrency exchange. Another benefit with these exchanges is that they do provide a bitcoin wallet while registering with them. So, you need not link or give any personal info during bitcoin trading.


  1. Choose for a particular buy-in amount which can be even less than a single bitcoin which means you can get decimal bitcoins.


  1. Spend these coins according to your wish


  • Use it in a Crypto Market where you can buy or sell products with bitcoins
  • Or, just wait to sell these crypto coins when its value reaches the peak.

Features that are great to have in a trading bot

Trading bots were earlier designed for making trading simpler. Now they have evolved and their applications are many. Beginners, as well as professional traders, might end up using trading bots like Crypto Code at some point in their trading journey. With the wide variety of bots available in the market, how exactly do you know that you have picked the best crypto trading bot?

  1. Ensure that it is not a scam

This should be your first concern given that there are so many scams in the name of trading bots. Do not stick with the information you find on the website alone or a single source online. Refer to as many websites and as many discussions as possible to fully make sure that the bot is not a scam and to make sure that it does offer all the promised features.

  1. What are the supported exchanges

It is always good to pick a trading bot that comes with the support for multiple exchanges. When there is a restriction on the exchange it reduces the number of options you have in picking a cryptocurrency as well. This feature also has another benefit- when one of the exchanges seems to be facing a downtrend then you could check the options in the other exchanges.

  1. Testing methods

Some of the bots in the market rely on backtesting alone. Find a bot that comes with both real-time testing and backtesting. So every strategy that the bot uses would be adjusted based on historical data as well as real-time market data.

  1. A wide variety of indicators

A simple trading bot might come with a strict set of indicators and might only use a few of them. Look for trading bots that use a large number of technical indicators. If the bot has features selection option – where the bot would keep altering the set of parameters it uses in order to get the best results, then it is a good thing.

  1. Terms and conditions

Find a bot that has its terms clearly laid out. Before you start using the bot you should be aware of the process involved, the places where there are fees attached. Stay away from those that are reviewed to be containing a lot of hidden fees.

Finally, along with all these features, the bot provider should also be equipped with a responsive customer care team.

Why are human traders still better than the best of trading bots?

Trading bots like Ethereum Code can do a lot of work for the traders. They can help beginners by making quick trading decisions all by themselves and they can help experienced traders by helping them automate one or more of the steps involved in trading. The bots of today are being improved in several ways to do things that were once never fathomed. There are bots that are coming with machine learning capabilities. This means that the bot would be built with a self-learning ability. So besides the standard training data set that the bot is fed the real-time market data would also be used to learn and adapt with the market. All these innovative features being added has resulted in creating a fear among some of the traders. There are many questions now –

Would the bots ever overtake human traders?

Would human traders end up being the losers in the market?

Would human traders not be able to trade without the help of bots?

Now, answering all of them one by one- would the bots overtake human traders?

This can never happen! This is because as smart as a bot can be it still doesn’t have what we call ‘emotional intelligence’. So the bots would be great at technical analysis but they are no match for the human traders when it comes to understanding the traders’ sentiments. Without market sentiments, any trading decision taken would be incomplete. There are a few technical indicators that can do a fair job in capturing the market sentiments. But the human traders would still have to use their judgment to make better decisions.

Would human traders end up being the losers in the market?

This is one fear that most of the trading bot providers are incorporating in the minds of the human traders. Every market does have losers and gainers. Losers’ losses also contribute to the gainers’ profits. But human traders alone would not be the losers. Even those bots which lack the ability to quickly grasp the market trends, those with technical glitches, those with insufficient training can all fail.

Would human traders not be able to trade without the help of bots?

This might be partly true. As more and more traders adopt bot trading, adamantly refusing to use them would not be a good idea. It is all about learning to use them for just the right things.

Are bot traders better than human traders?

If only there was a rule book that could make you skyrocket your profits in trading! If such a book did exist then everyone would have become great traders and everyone would have made profits. Unfortunately, a book like this doesn’t exist. But every trader wants to make profits. When there are so many options in investments why do investors pick trading in spite of knowing that this is riskier than the other options? It is with the objective of maximizing their gains. Also, trading is the one place where they have absolute freedom and absolute control over their decisions. Whereas in most other investment plans there would either be a fund manager taking care of the funds or there would be predefined steps involved in adding the interests. So there is nothing interesting for the trader to do. That is one other reason why several investors pick trading. In that case, why would people again want to surrender their control and use a trading bot like Ethereum Code which takes care of the whole process with little to no supervision? It is simply because these bots make the trader’s job simpler. And if you look at anyone who makes decent profits in trading he is very likely to be active in more than one market, more than one asset class. So handling them all simultaneously while also keeping a day job might sound close to impossible. Enter trading bots- these can take care of the processes that the trader decides to automate. But the one fear that most of the traders have is whether the trading bots would get better at trading than the human traders.

So are bots really better than humans?

There are a few limitations that a human trader faces and the bots aim simply to help overcome these limitations. In the end, the human trader always wins. And no bot trading platform can exist without human traders trading side by side. There is one place where the bot trading platforms can have a huge advantage over the human traders-

Lack of emotional biases

Every little trade you execute would be based on your strategy, the parameters you choose. The profits or losses you make might then leave a long-lasting impact on your future trading decisions. Most human traders experience this bias that results from their previous experiences. This prejudiced approach might not always be a good thing. Bots are free from emotional bias.

Benefits of automation in trading

When we think about automation in trading, bots like Bitcoin Loophole are the ones to come to our mind. But using these bots is not the only way to adopt automation in trading. The individual traders who wish to move ahead in their trading career might face a lot of friction. The friction might be the constraint of time or money or knowledge. Money constraints can slowly dissolve as the trader starts increasing the number of trades and making his trading strategies stronger. Knowledge constraints can be overcome by using any of the fully automated trading bots. Time constraints faced by the experienced traders, those who have thorough trading knowledge can easily be addressed with automation.

  1. Never miss a chance even while you sleep

There are some traders who spend their life trading. They might even be ready to sacrifice their sleep to make better profits and to work on understanding the market better. But for the others, there is the option of automation. Even when you are sleeping you would still be part of the market with the help of your automated system working for you.

  1. Placing orders without delays leading to price changes

If you have ever traded a highly volatile asset you would know the importance of each moment. One moment you find the price reaching your target value and the moment you place the order you find that the order was placed at a different value. So if you have an automated system then you can easily carry out these trades without having to face any price changes. Have you used limit orders? These are automated orders which help place orders at the exact price that the trader fixes.

  1. Mix and match

When you are sticking with just a few assets then tracking the progress might be quite simple. But consider those cases where traders simultaneously trade multiple assets, multiple cryptocurrencies or multiple FIAT currency pairs – one has to be a vigil to capture every detail with respect to all the assets being traded. Automation can be handy in such instances as well.

If you fully wish to explore the potential of automation make sure that you choose a bot which has customizable automation levels. Autopilot modes are great for those who know absolutely nothing about trading. But if you also wish to make use of your trading instincts and make quick changes in the strategy then you would need one that can allow you to make the decisions.

What are the risks involved in the use of crypto trading bots?

Crypto trading has become so much simpler especially since automation has been made easily available. If you are good at coding then you could use any of the popular APIs to make a bot by yourself to help you in carrying out simple trading activities. But for the others, there are ready to use bots like Bitcoin Loophole. These bots are backed up by powerful algorithms which can perform quick calculations and thus come up with the best trading decisions. There are trading bots that do work well and these can be useful tools for traders. But we cannot say that this domain is totally risk-free. When you are using trading bots you should also be aware of the risks involved so that you can stay away from the risky ones and only pick the most dependable ones.

Software glitches

Even the best software designed by the most talented teams around the world tends to have tiny glitches. These can all be captured only if there is a stringent testing system in place. But there are some bot developers that focus only on the development part and not enough on the testing part. In such cases, the bot tends to be released into the market with tiny glitches. The real problem would only occur when there are some tricky conditions in the market where the weak link in the bot gives in and the bot crashes unexpectedly. This is also because bot training requires a dataset. This dataset is nothing but historic data that is fed into the bot. Not all the bots in the market update the dataset and continue to self-train. So the dataset soon gets outdated and the bot would not be prepared for the ever-changing market. This again might cause the bot to fail.

Inefficient system

When you trade by yourself, you would have come across the problem of overfitting which makes the strategy too sensitive. This occurs if you rely only on a very few technical indicators to form a trading strategy. Similar problems could also be faced by trading bots if there are not enough technical indicators being analyzed. The best choice would be to use trading bots that come with the feature selection ability which helps them decide the best parameters to use for making every trading decision in every market condition.