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Monday, July 10

Robert Plant released another Cryptic Message and it hasthe entire web asking "What's about to happen!".

Robert Plant released another Cryptic Message and it hasthe entire web asking "What's about to happen!".

    Earlier this summer a Led Zeppelin reunion at Desert Trip 2 made the normal rounds all over the web. Just has those flames were distinguished, Robert Plant has stoked the fire by saying...... nothing. His website is just black with the phrase "A way with Words". Head over to his Facebook account and you get more of the same. 

Robert Plant / Facebook

This message is rather cryptic, but it goes without saying that it’s teasing something big. The question is what is could it be??? 

My guess would be a new solo album, or book, or even maybe a solo tour. I dismiss the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion for many reasons. Of course there is a couple hundred million reasons why it could finally happen. But Jason Bonham is on the record that it’s not likely that the band will reunite. However, Robert Plant doesn’t release cryptic messages for just his own solo projects. The chances just improved for the Led Zeppelin reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Please! Just take my fucking money already! 

“A Way With Words”

Since he wrapped up his European tour in August of last year, the legendary Robert Planthas been rather quiet as of late. Aside from the occasional performance or interview, he has been laying pretty much under the radar. However, this morning I went over to his website and discovered something odd. It was just a black picture that said “A Way With Words”.

So, out of curiosity, I also went to his Facebook page and sure enough I run into the same thing. The photo below is what I’m talking about.


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The Beatles are celebrating the 50 anniversary of Yellow Submarine with an adaptation of a comic book.

The Beatles are celebrating the 50 anniversary of Yellow Submarine with an adaptation of a comic book. 

Two of my favorite things are merging together, music and comic books. Thanks to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine". The Apple Corporation is authorizing a comic book adaptation of the timeless film with Titan Comics handling the honors. The book is set for a 2018 release. Titan publishing director, Chris Teather told the Hollywood Reporter. "We can't wait for Beatles fans to experience this official adaptation."

  I can't wait to get my fanboy hands on a copy! It will go next to Robert Hunter's and Timothy Truman epic " Dogmoon" and the original Grateful Dead's comic run. 
Kevin Long 

Mike Gordon announced his new album and dates for his Fall Tour

Mike Gordon announces his new album OGOGO and a Fall Tour. Listen to the first single and get all the 411

     Phish may have a light year when it comes to touring but Mike Gordon's Band has remained busy. Today he announced on September 15 he will release his follow up to 2014's Overstep, titled OGOGO. Earlier he shared the first single off the LP available to stream at the bottom of this article. The new album is being released via Megaplum/ATO Records. Also Gordo released dates for his Fall Tour beginning on September 22nd. . Pre-Sale will begin tomorrow on a limited basis at 10 a.m. ET via Mike Gordon Ticketing. Tickets will go on sale Friday, July 14th at 10 a.m. ET. Below are the tour dates and his first single "Steps"

Georgia Theatre

Athens, GA9:00 PM / Doors : 8:00 PM

Neighborhood Theatre

Charlotte, NC8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

Lincoln Theatre

Raleigh, NC8:00 PM / Doors : 7:00 PM

The National

Richmond, VA7:30 PM / Doors : 6:30 PM

College Street Music Hall

New Haven, CT7:30 PM / Doors: 6:30 PM

Westcott Theater

Syracuse, NY9:00 PM / Doors : 8:00 PM

Phoenix Concert Theatre

Toronto, ON9:00 PM / Doors : 8:00 PM

Saint Andrews Hall

Detroit, MI9:30 PM / Doors : 8:30 PM

Bell's Eccentric Cafe and Beergarden

Kalamazoo, MI8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

20th Century Theater

Cincinnati, OH8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

The Vogue

Indianapolis, IN9:00 PM / Doors : 8:00 PM


Chicago, IL8:00 PM / Doors : 7:00 PM

Pabst Theater

Milwaukee, WI8:00 PM / Doors : 6:30 PM

The Slowdown

Omaha, NE8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

Madrid Theatre

Kansas City, MO8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

2-Day Ticket
10/13/17 and 10/14/17

Boulder TheaterBoulder, CO8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

Boulder Theater

Boulder, CO8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

Boulder Theater

Boulder, CO8:30 PM / Doors : 7:30 PM

Listen to a tune from Gordon's upcoming album the song is titled “Steps”: