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Monday, September 4

Why Dicks was a Waste of Time following The 13 days of Phishmas.

The problem this year after the Dicks run  ironically is usually the same reason why it is alwsys the highlight of tour. That my friends is PERSPECTIVE! Usually, Phish plays a tour and heats up and then blows their musical WOD all over Dicks. This year is was akin to watching Short Circuit the movie after watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on a ten strip. Short Circuit has it moments a as did this weekend, but it was musical spam after everyone were served musical Lobster with donuts. Phish is phenomenal and I am glad they kept the tradition alive and played labor day weekend, but it felt like turning 43 years old. Sure it's your birthday and you are getting free drinks but turning 18 it certainly is not. Baker's Dozen was something I am still trying to wrap my head around it was that fucking amazing. It's similar to how you feel after you dose for the first time. It's abundantly clear that society is bullshit, so why go to school. I did not go to school ever again and  went on GD tour.  I could not spend the money and go to Dick's. just to win the Elephant behind curtain three. Ironically they encored with Waste  Sunday Night.
What a great fucking tour and one last thought what Happened​ to fucking Lifeboy? You want get a refund.
Kevin Long

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