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Sunday, September 3

Phish Served Up A Saturday Night Special at Dick's with Genius Sprinkels.

A bad day of Phishing is better than a good day being a wook, I once 
Saw a sticker similar to that phrase and it's certainly true. Last night was certainly not bad, actually it almost got going about 12 times. But instead it was the best band alive having a off night performing tunes we all love. I bet there is enough Molly to make that second stanza a face melter. Truth is the first set was outstanding, the Reba was patient, inventive and they almost whistled. The Wolfmams Brother was one of the best of this era.Hell, the Simple opener was even a treat. But it does not matter how good the first half of a movie, marriage or bungee jump is, if the second half goes south than usually its not a good experience. There is no such thing as a bad Phish show! Well there is, but that was not one. Let's all hope tomorrow is a show we all can agree on. I know what your thinking, but Kevin the Encore was Lizards and Antelope. That just means the band felt it as well. It happens, sometimes we just don't have our best stuff. But man that just like my opinion man.


This show was webcast via Live Phish. Limb By Limb contained a Follow the Yellow Brick Road tease by

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