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Saturday, September 2

Phish Jams its way through Night One at Dicks

If there was any doubt if Phish was going to have a donut hangover that was quickly eliminated with a symbolic 'Blaze On" opener that quickly blasted off into Improvisation heaven. In the first twenty minutes Phish achieved two vital things with their "Blaze On' opener, the first they symbolically put Baker's Dozen Run behind them with the fitting opener and second they assured the sold out crowd that this weekend was going to be as monumental as every Dicks run if not better. They wasted no time to fill every tune with Jam flavored Jelly as they ventured into Improvisational playing often over two phenomenal sets including an organically  grown "Tube'  jam that seemingly touched on every so I realm. I can't really recall one tune that was a. Ookkie cutter, they all were performed with the do it molld. I am not comparing this show with any of the Baker's Dozen triumphant affairs. All I am saying is the band  Blazed On and the weekend is looking mighty Phone. Other highlights from the first stanza includes an astonishing " Theme From From the Bottom" and a " Roggao" that  took some unusual turns into musical realms usually reserved for jam veachles. The second half was a four song affair with a cavern on too. The highlight was a fithly "Carini" that Incorporated all four band me.Beds while the jam took on many sonic formats from ambiant to Zeppelinesqie chaos. It melted into an abstract " Ghost' that was the most original Ghost performanced in years that had the sold out venue dancing in a tribal like fashion as they were enjoying the musical rollercoaster that was the second set. They encored with the beloved combo of " Horse into Silent in the Morning" and it was no coincidence those were not played at M.S.G. So was the first night of Phish's annual Labor Day takeover of my cify historically great? No, but I promise Sunday will be the Show of Life. Phis displayed therz last night that really 
Phish picked up where the donuts left of with two sets full of exploratory music. Friday is usually the warm out show at Dicks and if that hold true, then we are in store for a magical 😊weekend. The second set was pure bliss! 

The Setlist

This show was webcast via Live Phish. Ghost contained NMINML teases and quotes
,Enjoy the Thirty Minute No Man's in no man's land

Phish set 1 onener Blaze On

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