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Friday, September 1

Joe Russos Almost Dead got Phishy while they bedazzled Sold Out Red Rocks with their superior Live Show. Setlist, Videos and my 411

Photos by Ron Adelberg
Somebody asked me last night if JRAD sold out Red Rocks, then was surprised that they could fill such a big venue. Let me tell you a little secret. Joe Russo's Almost Dead sells out every show they book, the size of the venue is insignificant. What this band achieves is nothing short of a magical. It's has good as music could possibly get. In the post Jerry Garcia era this band is no tribute band or cover band, they are Jehovah's favorite choir truly a band beyond description. Last night they did exactly what they always manage to achieve. Two sets  perfectly played with teases, jams and love literally filling the amphitheatre. Last night they got Phishy and they got spiritual. Oteil singing Box of Rain ws bittersweet. Every time they play manages to be the perfect tune. Not to mention the Acapella Brokedown encore. JRAD is the future and the future looks more promising every show. They are the Grateful Dead on Steroids and on your period. If your not dancing then you are crying. Sometimes Both! Thanks Jerry they found each other! 
Enjoy a video of Lockn Festival complete set and a bunch from last night's masterpiece
Kevin Long

Setlist (Compiled by Peter Costello)

Set One (7:50PM – 9:45PM): Jam -> Here Comes Sunshine @ > Reuben & Cerise -> Jam -> Mama Tried, New Speedway Boogie # -> Music Never Stopped Reprise -> New Speedway Jam -> Music Never Stopped Jam -> Dancing In The Streets $ -> New Speedway Reprise % -> Box Of Rain ^ (OB), He’s Gone & -> Truckin’ -> Born Cross Eyed Jam
Set Two (10:01PM – 11:27PM): Jack Straw > Feel Like A Stranger * -> Harry Hood Jam + -> China Cat Sunflower -> The Eleven -> The Wheel @@ -> There Is A Mountain ## > I Know You Rider, Greatest Story Ever Told $$, Morning Dew
Encore: We Bid You Goodnight %%

The entire Lockn Set

We Bid You Goodnight

Jack Straw

Morning Dew

There is Mint> I know you Rider