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Saturday, September 2

Big Phucking Deal, A fight breaks out at a Phish concert and Icculus understands.

Last Night 40,000 fans assembled  inside a venue and we all enjoyed Phish put on a musical showcase while 39,998 of us enjoyed each other's company. We shared the weed, wine and probably two drunk fucks shared a women. Guess what? They got in a fist fight and beat the shit out of each other and both got arrested. It did not turn into a riot. It's certainly frown against but shit happens. The irony is almost every site that labels the fight one of the  signs of the end of the world, actually  shows the damn fight. I love money from fans clicking on my ads but let's not give tickets to heaven for joining  the crusade. If it's horrible than why show it? That's like my ex-wife when she ate something terrible. She always would say  this is so gross , try  it. A fight does not reflect the state of our community, scene or the band we love so much. It just reflects the state of our websites. f We are in the animal kingdom. My advice for social media, my fellow bloggers and almarist everywhere. Chill the fuck out! Focus your energy on everything that kicked ass last night, not the one incident that was unfortanate. There is one young blogger who is acting like this is a sign of the end times. It was just a fight. They happened​ all the time when I was following Jerry and the boys. My advice is if you walked out of last night's show and can't think of anything better to think about than two dirtballs fighting, you may be doing it wrong. Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait. And there certainly is no time to act like you are the moral police. Shut up and dance! 

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