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Friday, August 4

Watch John Mayers heartfelt tribute in Phoenix

Watch John Mayer's classy heartfelt tribute to Jerry Garcia from his show in Phoenix, Arizona and get my thoughts on Mayer becoming Deadicated. 

It's was fitting that the most heartfelt tribute came from the very person who embodies the power of the late, great Jerry Garcia. The fallen Musical icon has and always will be much more than a genius musician who died tragically before his time. His legacy and music he left behind has the power to not only change lives but to save lost souls. Unlike a preacher, he makes no promises of seeing your dead pets or threateneds  you with eternal Hellfire. In fact, akin to the best pastors he just walked the walk and sang lyrics about the secrets of happiness. Nobody is more living proof of that than John Mayer. He was lost before he found the Grateful Dead. He was a rock star asshole. His interviews were worst than Ted Nuggenton Larry King. He bragged about having sex, claimed his penis was racist and changed clothes 7-9 times a day. He was obviously not just unhappy but he was lost and heading for a where are they now VH1 special. Then laying in his pool a magical voice called him to get of his floatation device and the rest is history. Like myself who as an asshole 14 year old punk when I discovered Jerry. another life was saved by the mysticism of Jerry's gentle persona. Following his concert in Phoenix, John Mayer Returned to the stage alone and sat behind the piano and played the most heartfelt "Friend Of The Devil" I have heard. Then Ripple came on over the P.A. You want to know how powerful Jerry's legacy is look no further than John Mayer and his life.

Watch of “Friend Of The Devil” captured by laurapa202: