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Wednesday, August 30

The X Files, Dead and Company's Fall Tour will happen and more dates are whispered into my toe.

Since the total eclipse of the sun happen and the visitors who come with microdot told my big toe about the umcomming Fall Tour that Dead & Company will certainly embark on. It has been confirmed by many other forms of Grateful Life on this planet. They have much more functional sources than visitor's from other toursmmmm ,, I mean planets. Many dates have been thrown out there that fit the timeline that was forced into my big toes' painful nail that earthlings call ingrown. Us old hippies call it saddleites. But the date I leaked New Orleans on Dec 3rd. Now have company. This time the aliens sent an email, they love smartphones( or as they call them, " slightly above average intelligence phones". Remember these are only confirmed by superior intelligence and not the all powerful knowing LiveNation! Hail LiveNation.... Hail

11/13,14: MSG (maybe so, maybe not) 
11/17: AC
11/19: Buffalo
11/21: DC
11/22: Hartford
11/24: Columbus
11/27 Nashville
Detroit but who can that city commend

11/29: ATLANTA
Hail Doogie!!!!! Hail 
Kevin Lon
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