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Tuesday, August 1

The many Faces of Jerry Garcia by:Heather Mott

Our newest contributor Heather Mott has written a 8 piece retrospective about Jerry Garcia. Today is part one. Stayed tuned each day during The Days Between as she peels the layers off Jerry Garcia. 

Jerry Garcia, highly recognized for his career with The Grateful Dead, was a man of many talents.
Most notably he is celebrated for his talent to coax golden notes from his various string instruments and his angelic voice. However, he was much more than the disinclined “leader” of The Grateful Dead. He was an artists with many dimensions and talents, and his interests and hobbies were as varied as the timbre of his voice. On stage he varied from a soft lullaby to a roar depending on the tale. His personal endeavors changed akin to his guitar styles. Like many geniuses of his day he faced a variety of demons, trying to cope in a world that hoisted him on a pedestal. While others went to such drastic extremes they literally worshiped him similar to a god. He unfortunately dealt with the unrealistic demands forced upon his unassuming persona alone. He sadly picked the road often traveled and numbed the turmoil his unrealistic expectations created. His additions offered small measures of peace and normalcy in a crazy existence of touring, family and music. He was an accomplished artist of many mediums 
and his numerous obligations only grew as his health declined. He had a few healthy escape including scuba diving with Billy. He was also a hobbyist that enjoyed building remote control cars and tiny train sets.
This week, during “The Days Between” we are going to take a look at different aspects of Jerry Garcia’s pursuits to shed some light into his daily life, and what made him tick. We all know his music he made that made his world go round, but there is many aspects to this complicated artist. Every installment we are going to highlight a particular facet of his many ventures. In this manner, we hope to honor him and everything that he was and the many gifts he left. After some 50 years after the inception of The Grateful Dead and 22 years after his untimely passing he is still a mystery. Check back tomorrow for the first chapter in this series that will cover everything from airbrush to watercolor and how Jerry became an artist in his own right before he was“hiding out in a rock n roll band”. Happy Birthday Jerry, we love you. 
Words Heather Mott Part One