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Friday, August 25

Phish To Offer Webcast of Dicks through Live Phish. Sunday is Free, get all the 411 and my commentary on Labor Day.

Labor Day Weekend has many traditions demanding on how your life Dicktates. Many families cookout, invite friends over 
 drink Old Milwaukee, Bush Light and Icehouse. While many others do pretty much the same except they invite fraternity brothers over and freshman ladies drink micro beers and hello shots while they plot and plan on how they may legally bed the ladies. I am certainly not judging because our tradition seems just as cheesey to others as the scenoreos I mentioned before.  But Phish loves Dicks, we love Denver, Colorado and since our band has reunited there is nothing more of a safe bet than catching Phish over Labor Day Weekend in Denver. To say they perform extremely well every year would be akin to saying that The Baker's Dozen run was alright. I can't imagine what Phish has in store next weekend but I can't wait to find out. I have great news for the fans that can't make it in person or spent all their donuts on Phistory and just can't swing it.. While the weekend is sold out, thanks to  LivePhish to watch from home or wherever you have an internet will offer webcasts of all three shows live from Dick’s. A webcast of the Sunday tour-closer will be provided free-of-charge. The Friday and Saturday live streams are available for pre-order via . All three webcasts are scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. MT.
Phish’s run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park spans September 1 – 3. The free webcast will be viewable via Phish’s Facebook page, Twitter or YouTube channel as well as

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