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Thursday, August 31

Phish Loves Dicks! But how do they possibly top their definitive run of their storied career? EASY!

  Phish kicks off their Labor Day tradition tomorrow night in Commerce City, Colorado. The three night run at Dicks is agruably the most anticipated run of every tour since the 3.0 era began in 2009. Forthermore, they always manage to leave the mile high fans jaws firmly planted on the ground. Of course, they have never had to follow up a career definitive run like the supernatural musical display they crafted with the Baker's Dozen. They just proved over the 13 show residency at Madison Square Garden that they are the best live act in Rock and or Roll history. The theatrics, the no repeats, the bust outs, the covers, the themes, and let's not forget the historic jams. They actually performed an unprecedented and insane thirty minute Lawn Boy and it was not even the highlight. The entire run has been beat to death on this site and practically every other publication. The Baker's Dozen is certified Phistory and nothing will change what Phish accomplished and shared with their fans.  But how will that effect the annual tradition of Phish playing Dicks over Labor Day. Besides free  donuts, it will not change their script one bit. You don't know this band very well, if you think they are going to rest on their Banner hanging in the rafters. They will bring their newly defined A game and absolutely slay this weekend. Will they play a two song set? Will we get a complete Gamehedge? Will the setlist spell, The ending to Game of Thrones? Maybe so and Maybe not. But, I promise everyone one thing. Come Monday, we will be rejoicing three shows equal or superior to anything played last month in New York. That is what this band does, they manage to set the musical bar as high as the crowd will be this weekend and musically pole vault over it.  The one thing you can count on Phish doing is blowing your mind at Dicks? Afterall, Phish loves Dicks! The fact they are  arguably performing their best music to date will only add to the tradition. Folks! Let's get ready for some Magic!
Kevin Long 

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