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Sunday, August 6

Phish Kept It Simple While The Run Made Me Lose My Sanity and I Beem Around.Phish polishes off history!.

 Phish Kept It Simple While The Run  Made Me Lose My Sanity and I Beem Around.Phish polishes off history!.

       Like the Bulks Six Chamonships, or the Yankess 29 World Series titles, Breaking Bads final season or Wilt's 100 point game. . It's safe that this 13 Show run without a repeat will never be duplicated. Every show was historic, special , and someone's favorite. Tonight was  simply musical  paradise. Phish may love Dicks,  but they just had a 13 night stand with the Garfen and gave the audience multiple orgasms each evening. I see girls following them around forever saying but I live You! The first set was the best appetizer in the history of music. It would possibly be the best set if the second stanza did not make Big Cypriss seem like Hampton 2009. Who was that band?They are going to have to retire because they just broke the sonic communication record. . ThevHa, Ha, Ha was them laughing at me for staying home. Then the last set of the run kicked off and perfection. 

   The Simple jam was the best music I have ever heard! The You Enjoy Myself was worth the monthwait, in fact they should never attempt performancing it again. Tonight's perfect game, or Kobe's 84 or The GD when Jerry was alive. Sure they will play other shows, but perfection is like pornography one knows it when they see it. Phish gave us more than donuts, they gave us their souls. Tom Hanks will always be Forest Gump and Phish will always be Baker's Dozen. That was the best display of live music since Beethoven and I have Been Around. Hail Phish! This will be written on thevWalks of the Cave when we are long gone. I am trembling as if I was not an atheist and the Pope blessed me. My Phish  addiction is completely cured. I fear the rest of their shows will be equivalent to N.A meetings, where we talk about how great the dope was in 2017.  Thanks Trey, Mike, Jon, Pags and CK5 it's rare to witness perfection, and it's never felt so good 13 times.Game, Sett, Match! 

This show was the thirteenth and final night of Phish's Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and had a glazed donut theme. Donuts with a pink glaze and rainbow sprinkles were given to fans arriving at the venue. Sanity included quotes of Saw it Again and Very Long Fuse. This show featured the Phish debut of Most Events Aren't Planned. I Been Around was last performed 2014-07-27 (119 shows). Izabella was last performed 1998-07-31 (574 shows). Simple included Izabella teases. This show was webcast via Live Phish.