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Tuesday, August 1

Phish Continued their Historic Circus While the Energy seemed to be Swept Away.

Phish Continued their Historic Circus While the Energy seemed to be Swept Away. 

      Phish opened the ninth show of their historic run with the Canadian anthem and most fans were not surprised. It fact, a large majority called the opener. But the “Crowd Control’ that followed was needed after Madison Square Garden collectively lost their shit Sunday night. Tonight's show will not go down in Phistory, but it certainly did not slow down their momentum. The first set was well played it just lacked anything remotely close to fluidity. The “Sugar Shake” even the security guards saw coming did not provide the adrenaline that really makes the Los Lobos’ cover “When the Circus comes to town” special. The only great thing about the first stanza was confirmation that Phish will indeed play 13 shows without repeating a song. Billy Joel can suck on that impressive statistic. The “Walk Away” that closed the first set was performed with passion, but it was not enough to restore a vibe that really never ignited. If it was not for the unbelievable second set, I would have guessed Phish was running on fumes. 

   If they were then they were ignited instantly when Vermont's finest launched into “Golden Age”. The Band came alive with their rousing T.V on the Radio cover,  as the audience quickly became engaged as Fishman and Gordon pushed the musical conversation into type 2 territory. It's astonishing how Phish can just become a different band after setbreak as the jam exploded into controlled chaos. Then the momentum that the band garnered got “Swept Away” like “Leaves” falling down a “Steep” cliff. I happen to love those three songs, unfortunately there was not enough ying for all that slow yang. The show ended with a colossal “46 Days” into the “Piper” we all been waiting to hear and it was epic. But it was akin to a good chef on a sinking ship at this stage of the show. So much had not happened by the time the last three scorching numbers got cooking, most were already mourning what wasn't. The encore was a treat to hear and quite fitting because after the historic weekend, tonight show felt a lot like Rock n Roll Suicide. It was bound to happen, but if Phish goes 12 for 13 then this show was the extra donut. 

New York , NY
SET 1: O Canada[1], Crowd Control, Sugar Shack, When the Circus Comes, Daniel Saw the Stone, Army of One, The Wedge, Guelah Papyrus, Maple Leaf Rag[1] > Guelah Papyrus, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters[2] > Limb By Limb > Walk Away

SET 2: Golden Age, Leaves, Swept Away > Steep > 46 Days > Piper, Possum,
Encore : Rock n Roll Suicide 
[1] Phish debut; instrumental.
[2] Unfinished.