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Wednesday, August 2

Our newest contributor Doc. Ellis shares a perspective of how Jerry effects a man in younger man's clothes

Our newest contributor Doc. Ellis shares a perspective of how Jerry effects a man in younger man's clothes 

During the Days Between, the Grateful People, celebrate Jerry’s life and our love of the music. This is the closest we will have to a national holiday. In that sense, and in accordance to Jerry’s perspective, it does not matter what is recognized by mainstream society. The spectacular thing is what we feel, what we believe, and how we choose to be. It’s the time of the year we recognize our culture is in large part thanks to  Jerry’s strange design. It means the world to everyone who has been touched by his passionate performances when he was on full strength or his beautifully broken voice of the Nineties.
 Unfortunately many of us were born too late to witness Jerry’s esoteric persona live, however our lives are touched just the same. This familiarity binds us, and that unbroken chain he created is bigger than any one person can break. Jim Morrison once begged the question , “Did you have a good life, enough to base on movie on?” Jerry legacy is exponentially larger. He is the derivation of the magic that all heads pull once exposed to his supernatural narrative. His legacy gives us comfort when we face darkness , delivers solace when we are lonely, promotes joy in the face of widespread misery and guides us like the headlight on a north bound train.

 I was never fortunate enough to witness Jerry in the flesh.He guided my perspective long after his last note was sung.. I painfully understand he was pivotal in forming an arena where being yourself is plenty cool enough for his disciples. Although there are other like minded artists who aligned in created this segway, this detour, from mainstream populist culture. But The Grateful Dead are symbolic and prolific because they were pioneers without consciously lighting a lifestyle. They were my gateway that opens my third eye. They embodied everything I hope society could become, so may call me a dreamer but I am not the only one.I refuse to let conventional means dictate my direction. 

Yesterday was his birthday and I listened to his music all day. I was flooded with emotion, thinking about all that he embodies. as Stella Blue came crying up the night, I realized there nothing you can hold for very long……. That is when the tear came rolling down…
 There are Days Between , our bodies may breakdown, but our influence never fades away.

Tune in/Tune out
Doc Ellis