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Thursday, August 31

Oteil Burbridge and Friends is an astonishing Band. Get all the 411 Here

All this Dead & Company Fall Tour talk is extremely exciting but let's not forget that the straw that stirs, (in all good company drink)has put together an insanely talented band and are hitting the road with what is guaranteed to be a phenomenal tour. Let's go over the bandmates, playing guitar are a pair of studs with Eric Krasano who gets better literally by the day and John Kadlecik, since Furthur disbanded I have enjoyed his playing considerabley more. Most recently, I really enjoyed his picking in Keller Williams and Grateful Grass. Joining Oteil in the rythem section is one of the premier drummers playing today. Jay Lane only bleeds rythem and is on a short list of the best drummers out keeping time. Who is holding down the ivory you ask? Just the one and only Melvin Seals. As the wise Forrest Gump once stateted," that's all I have to say about that. This is an all-star band you would have to have a foolish heart to miss. This Fall is certainly shaping up to be sexy, with a capital S!
Kevin Long 

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