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Wednesday, August 30

Mungion announces a Mungraiser on September Fifth to help recover funds needed from their tour van getting stolen.

As Michael reported this weekend Chicago area jamband and friends of Grateful Music, Mungion had their van including all of their gear stolen. Whoever pulled off that Bush league stunt as some major Karma coming to kick their ass. The Band made this flowing statement.  

Last weekend, while on the road, we were staying out in Detroit and woke up to find our van and trailer stolen with all of our gear, merchandise, lights, and other valuable belongings in them. Although we are grateful that everyone is safe, our livelihood was taken from us in the blink of an eye. After going from door to door in the neighborhood we were able to track down some surveillance video that showed two men breaking in and stealing our van and trailer. Unfortunately, there was not much the authorities or anyone could do. After filing the police report and talking to neighbors we piled up in a hatchback and drove 6 hours to New York to play because the show must always go on!
Our very first tour as a headlining band is coming up in the next week and we need your help to get us back on our feet. Everything that was taken from us is estimated at around $41,500 total. Now more than ever, we need the help from our Mung Family to pick us back up and make the force even stronger! Any donations will help, big or small. We promise to reciprocate all of the positive energy and love through each and every show we play. We are able to do what we love because of ALL of you and could not imagine going through this journey alone. WE thank you in advance for all of your help, love, and support. We know that something like this will only make us stronger.
They have a benifet concert on September Fifth at the Tonic Room to help recoup the severe financial hit the band encountered. The Mungraiser will cost ten bucks and include free tacos and all proceeds go directly to the band. If you can't make the concert please give what you can on their Go Fund Me Page 
This is exactly the type of tradgedy that Go Fund Me is set up for in my opinion. If you have not witnessed this band live, you are doing yourself a disservice. Their live show is hotter than their Van is at this particular moment. We here at Grateful Music are certainly going to kick in a few bones and help these guys get back to making the country dance. We suggest you do the same. If you can't afford to help in their time of need. You certainly need to get your ass to a Mungion show as soon as possible. 
Kevin Long

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