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Sunday, August 27

Lockn was a magical Festival and it ended on a perfect Note.

Holy Shit! What a perfect performance to summarize an incredible festival. Last year, Phish headlined Lockn' and nobody loves Vermont's Phinest more than myself. But, I believe that Lockn' actually benefited without having such a huge headliner this year. The festival returned to its intended purpose when it started five years ago and that was collaborations and musical moments you could only dream about witnessing until the farm. This year’s festival had so many pinch me moments, it’s safe to call it a mystical festival. I am just going to mention a few highlights because The Jam Band Purist covered the festival for my publication and the  words should be his considering he was there. The stream was amazing but nothing replaces actually being present to witness the history. The collaborations started Thursday with Umphreys joining Cheese for a rousing “ Jessica” for our fallen brothers. Then maybe my favorite set happened in the Super VIP tent with Bobby, Phil and Joe Russo performing an intimate set with Grahame Lesh and his bandmate Ms.Peck with her angelic voice. If you missed this historic set, we actually have it in its  entirety on our Facebook wall. 

The “Lazy River Road” and “Mountains of the Moon” are all time great versions. I am also going to take this moment to right a couple of wrongs. I will never call GD50 Fare Thee Phil again, not only was I wrong in hindsight it was bloody stupid. Also, about four years ago I trashed Grahame Lesh after “All Good”, he as become an amazing musician and proved me wrong with his chops. By the way, I love when I am wrong about musicians shortcomings, the young Lesh has worked hard on his craft and he deserves praise. He was a solid all weekend. Warren Hayne’s surprised everyone with the guest he had up his sleeve. Plus, Jim James and Bob Weir joined Joe Russo’s Almost Dead for unparalleled renditions and you can witness them on our website. I just want to end my short summary about Lockn before I turn it over to my team on the ground by saying is what our music is all about.  When Rob had to bow out with cancer, Phil and Bobby stepped in and together they crafted a set for the ages. Philmoe. Is why Lockn is so special and always will be the festival all others are measured against. Stay tuned for coverage all week from Ron Adelberg and The Jam Band Purist. Thank you Virginia for a real good time. 
By Kevin Long
Philmoe. With Bobby and Gramhme

1. Box of Rain
2. Silver Sun >
3. The Other One
4. Silver Sun
5. Ophelia
6. Four >
7. Bird Song
8. Four
9. The Music Never Stopped
10. Sugar Magnolia (with Bob Weir) >
11. Scarlet Begonias

12. Sunshine Daydream

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