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Thursday, August 24

John Mayer thanks a fan on his solo tour for attending every Dead & Company show.

Thanks to Jambase for bringing this kick-ass
 moment from John Mayer's solo tour to our attention. Mayer took time from his concert to thank a particular Deadhead for catching every Dead & Company show. John Mayer as clearly drank the coil aide and is firmly seated on our bus. I have not attended any of his solo shows, but there has been some very grateful moments. Whether it's Dead covers, Jerry shoutouts, or even pausing  in the middle of cheesey songs to tell deadheads it's half way over. This is one deadicated musician. He has to figure out what to do with his non dead material and fans but all good things in all good time. Last night's shout-out was just another moment in John's musical career and it's Reckoning. Here is the actual quote and video 
“I’d actually like to thank this gentleman right here in the headband. This gentleman has been at every Dead & Company show, every show. Not almost every show – there’s maybe four or five people that I saw at every show. And I’ll tell you something, I’ve looked to you at times when I wasn’t sure that I really knew what would come next, whether I was on the right part of the guitar neck or whether I was making any sense at all and this gentleman would just go like this (::pumps fist::). It would bring me right back to the confidence to continue sort of exploring and searching and I just want to thank you. I want you to follow me around in life!”
Watch the banter along with “Why Georgia” captured by shoestringRacer:
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