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Wednesday, August 9

Seeing Jerry live was similar to eating acid you either experienced it or Not. We Need a Hero.

       Our Country is desperately in need of a few geniuses that think outside the box. Not since the Civil War as our citizens been more divided, the sad fact is at least then we knew the cause of our hatred . Truth is that we have never been a moral country. Just ask the native American s, if you can find one.  We are in need of some real American heroes, not the ones you learned about in Civics. We need intellectualised voices like George Carlin or musicians like Jerry Garcia. The America we live in today that is sponsored by Coca Cola, will never produce anything but smartphone zombies. Jerry could perform one song and you would not only instantly become content but you developed empathy and most have not forsaken that monent. You not only believed in magic, you just witnessed it.Do you recall when you went to Disneyland for the first time? Well, it was that special unlike that memory.He would perform Crazy Fingers  and it would fill your soul with  sunshine. Instantly,, the cool table at lunch was a joke. Your mom was not your enemy and our country was not superior to anybody. He died 22 years ago, but thanks to his gift I was reborn 26 years ago. Before Jerry, I was a young punk, A.J and I can still see light in a stranger's eyes. He was one of a kind and just one the guys.  He was everything that the phrase., You had to be there embodied. He saved my life from being an asahole and no donut jam can do that. Rest Easy old friend it was a sweet. Life. You Had! Let's watch a half hour of magic!
Shining Star Hampton