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Wednesday, August 2

Holy Shit! Phish Pleases All Night While The Mike’s Musical Sandwich Was All Meat That Tasted Better Than any Donuts

 Holy Shit!  Phish Pleases All Night While The Mike’s Musical Sandwich Was All Meat That Tasted Better Than any Donuts

    Two nights removed from my favorite show in over a decade and one show after the first hint of fatigue. Phish returned to their Herculean form with another phenomenal show. The Band certainly did not have the Garden “Waiting all night “ before they caught fire and delivered two satisfying sets. The donut theme exposed itself to be mainly about the hole and opened with a Tom Waits selection. They performed “Way down in a hole” from the lyrical genius who also benefits from a devoted fan base. The entire first stanza was played phenomenally but “ Meat” and “ Run Like an Antelope” both were supernatural. The rarely played “Meat” was without question the best version in 3.0 if not the definitive rendition of their storied career. The “Maze” was an absolute delight while Page Mcconnell proved why he is the keyboard player all other are measured against playing like a man possessed.

 The fiery first Set concluded with everyone in the audience setting the gearshift to their souls in high gear and they ran like Antelopes out of control. 
    The second set opened with an unprecedented Mike Song’s” that was unbelievable. I was actually in Nashville when the second Jam officially returned but last night the extended jam opened up a wormhole and landed in 1997. It was monsterous has it soared into unprecedented heights for this era, just so it could come floating down akin to a bubble that refused to burst. It was so spontaneous that I did not notice when hydrogen was by passed. The Band traded “Hydrogen” for an “O Holy Night”before a delicious “Taste” >”Wingsuit”>a spectacular “Sneakin’’ Sally” before the monumental musical Sandwich concluded with “Weekapaug Groove”. The set instantly is a classic and my favorite of the run of our dreams. The encore was an appropriate “Day in the Life”. The segues and jamming displayed in the second stanza was beyond fantastic, it was so adventurous yet crisp it warrants a new adjective to give it justice. Last night's show was not my cup of tea, but tonight's performance transcended personal preference with hits musical perfection. Even that grumpy old English dude who lives in his van would fall to his knees in the wake of its brilliance. 

SET 1: Way Down in the Hole[1], Buried Alive, Kill Devil Falls, Guyute, I Didn't Know, NICU, Meat, Maze, Ginseng Sullivan, Waiting All Night, Heavy Things, Run Like an Antelope

SET 2: Mike's Song > O Holy Night[1] > Taste > Wingsuit > Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley > Weekapaug Groove

ENCORE: A Day in the Life

[1] Phish debut.