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Thursday, August 24

Great News for Android Users, A new musical app called Tapers Section rivals iPhone s Relisten.

I have recently made the switch from a life long IPhone user to purchasing a Google Pixal smartphone. Please me have no regrets! No worries, I have absolutely zero regrets, except I wish I would have made the switch years ago. For my fellow iPhone users, let me empathize with you momentarily. I started my smartphone career with the iPhone One and never looked back. In hindsight, I was scared of learning a new system and terrified I would lose ten years of memories, photos, contacts, stories and all that may or may not be in that damn cloud. It all transfered easily like a Sunday morning, in large part to my virtual ghost aka Google photos and Google drive. You don't need Apple to own your entire technical life! But to get back on topic, the only thing I missed from my IPhone was the amazing Relisten musical app. Well, I have great news for my fellow music freaks who have been missing out on the Apple exclusive Relisten app. Coming soon to the Android play store is a musical app called Tapers Section and it's not only  equal to Relisten but it kicks it's ass. It has my soundboard Warren Zevon shows, Kimocks several projects. Not to mention all the shows from Grateful Music land from GD, Phish, Phil, Dead & Company, moe. , S.C.I and literally hundreds of more artists than even Relisten offered. I was able to download it a little early because of connections. But all you need to be is a beta tester or have patience because this musical masterpiece of an app will be available for download very soon. I feel so Groovy that I finally broke my Apple Rusty Gage. But to be fair  the iPhone is a genius device and so are Androids. It's whatever your comfortable or in bed with. In short if you use IPhone's get the Rilesten app immediately and if your in Android land, Help is on the Way in the form of Taper Section. I am going to get back to listening to my King Crimson soundboard on TAPER SECTION. One Love & Two Smartphones. 
Words by Kevin Long a.k.a  Idiot in Chief here at Grateful Music Productions

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