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Thursday, August 24

Free Lockn Livestream for the entire festival. A Beautiful Benefit!

The 2017 Lockn Festival has just kicked off and thanks to Relix and YouTube we can join Ron, The Jam Band Purist and everyone in attendance from the comfort of our couches. Lockn’ organizers have announced a livestream that begins tonight at 7pm and will air daily from 10 to 2 am daily. I have to interject and say this kicks total ass!!!! A stream like this deserves a donation and Lockn as made it as easy to give as it is to watch. . Head here for the Lockn’ livestream. Text “LOCKN” to 444999 to donate any amount you wish. All donations are tax-deductible, and administered by
Here is a quote from the power s that made this magical weekend available for the masses! 

“We’ve been thinking about different ways that we can try and re-direct the energy in the Charlottesville area and do something positive for the community,” says festival co-founder Peter Shapiro. “We wanted to enable anyone anywhere across the globe to experience the music and the great vibes at LOCKN’ and at the same time help support the cause. Ben & Jerry’s, Airstream and YouTube each stepped up quickly so 100% of what we raise will go to the Charlottesville Community Fund and HeadCount. Both organizations do the below the radar work everyday to help the world be a better place, so they were easy organizations to support right now.”
“LOCKN’ has always been about giving back and supporting the local community,” said HeadCount executive director Andy Bernstein, LOCKN’s longtime non-profit partner. “We raised over $200,000 on Participation Row in the last few years, for all the different non-profit organizations involved in the festival. Supporting the Heal Charlottesville Fund is another way for LOCKN’ to support the Charlottesville-area community.”
Grateful Music wants to thank Relix for this amazing news and we will see you on the couch! I will be texting what I can afford to give. 
Kevin Long 

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