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Tuesday, August 1

Dear Jerry : Every year I write a letter to Jerry(has many of you are aware of) it never fails to make my heart ache while putting a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy.

Dear Jerry : Every year I write a letter to Jerry(has many of you are aware of) it never fails to make my heart ache while putting a smile on my face. I hope you enjoy. 

Dear Jerry,

Happy Birthday!  I can't believe you are 75 years old. I am sorry it's been a year since I wrote you last. If I did more than once a year folks would think I am crazier than they already do. Not that I give a shit what people think, you taught me that. It's been another banner year for your legacy. Remember how I was telling you about Dead and Company, well believe it or not they are still together and the band’s chemistry is remarkable. This year’s Summer Tour was by far their best musically and they sold out numerous stadiums without any riots. But you know this already, I felt your presence on numerous occasions. Can you believe Oteil? Shit, Jerry he really gets it! I saw tears in his eyes when he sang China Doll and Comes A Time. John Mayer is honoring your legacy and I do believe you saved him from himself. He is bringing a whole new generation under your umbrella of light. I am a little disappointed with a segment of the veteran Deadheads, it seems like we are failing to be gratefully examples to the young fans. I have faith in time we will show a little grace. Oh, I almost forgot that concert at Red Rocks with Warren Haynes, Melvin Seals and the Colorado Orchestra at Red Rocks last year. It was beyond magical, it brought me to my knees several occasions. It was my favorite Birthday party since your pain finally subsided and you left your frail body behind. I miss you something awful and so many of the youth would benefit tremendously if only they could witness seeing you play live. Sorry,  for even bringing that up. It was a selfish thought, you gave all that you had, why would you want to give more. Oh yea!!! You will not believe it, that documentary about you and the band fucking actually got released. Jerry, it was so worth the wait! It was magnificent, they managed to explain your appeal in a manner even my sister understood. Between the movie and the book Dennis sent me, I got to know you a little better. I am starting to ramble, sorry so much happens in a year when it comes to us. You will be happy to know, I cleaned up my act over the last few months. I was out of control as I expressed in the letter I wrote to you last year. It certainly got worse before it got better, but you understand. Our website is doing phenomenal, I certainly try to represent your legacy and you were correct about alI good things in all good time. I stopped worrying bout money and it actually is close to breaking even. Of course not considering the five hours a day I enjoy working on the site. It only took ten years, but as you are aware it's about me trying to shed light. I want the world to understand how beautiful it was and could be again. Well, Happy Birthday old man! I almost forgot they are making an ongoing television show about you and the boys. Seth Rogan is playing you and Bobby is the executive producer. So the verdict is definitely still out. Thank you for saving my life and we will catch up next year. I know you have gained some talented company this past year, so I will let y'all get back to playing. I love you and miss you more than words can say. Till next year. 
Gratefully yours, 
P.S The Grateful Dead just got voted the best band of all time. LOL. The long strange trip just keeps get more surreal by the day.