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Tuesday, August 1

A Lovely Story From A Member of our Community A Deadicated Marriage; by Susan Goodrich

A  Lovely Story From A Member of our Community 
A Deadicated Marriage; by Susan Goodrich
They Love Each Other

I first heard the Dead when I met my husband in 1974 and he played Uncle John's Band for me.  That was it and all these years later we are still Deadheads.  We have gone to many shows mostly in Upstate N.Y. and Utah.  One of my favorite memories is seeing the Jerry Garcia Band in Ithaca N.Y. about 1975 with John Kahn, and keith and Donna.  Awesome show!  Also in 1975 or76 we saw  The Dead in Syracuse , N.Y. and the encore was Werewolves of London!  They all except Jerry had werewolf masks on!  He kind of looked the part!  Jerry and the Dead are a huge part of our lives and have always been a positive influence.  Next to my family The Grateful Dead is the most important thing in my life!  We are going to Meet at the movies tonight in Salt Lake City.  Very excited.  Anyway these are some of my memories of Jerry and company!  Forever Dead!  Susan Goodrich