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Tuesday, August 22

A Lockn Preview 2017 ( The Jam God's Assemble). By The Jam Band Purist

Well, it's that time of the year again folks! Lockn' music festival is less than two days away and I am just as excited, as I was the first year of the festival. This has been a great year for jam music and also a heartbreaking one. We need Lockn more than ever. With the losses of many great artists between this year and last, there are some serious tributes that could align this weekend. Last year was different but it was awesome to have Phish at Oak Ridge. They turned Infinity Downs into a transdemnsional portal; transporting us into another time and space but look at the acts they can get without paying that huge sum for Phish. We've got Widespread Panic, String Cheese, Phil Lesh with members of moe. The Disco Biscuits, JRAD, Govt Mule, Keller Williams, John Fogarty and some of my new favorite acts like Marcus King Band, Eric Krasno Band, Tauk, and The Antibalas. (I am least looking forward to Sinkane, Brandi Carlisle and PPPP but that is for another write up.) I would like to give The Revivalist and The Avett Brothers a chance but they truly don't seem up my alley, musically. 

Lockn' is the Mecca of all Jam festivals for me. The Peach looked very good this year and may have rivaled what is to come but I stuck with my hometown Virginia festival. I know I will not be disappointed but the daily lineup is not what I hoped for, MKB at 11:45am? Marcus deserves Late night sets and many sit-ins, he is the real deal and the best new artist I've seen in years. There are many performances I am looking forward to but I look to see Widespread Panic play with Dirty Dozen Brass Band and String Cheese and Umphrey's McGee to actually utilize the turning stage and jam back to back, without any interruptions. I would still love to see a battle of the bands or something of the sort, with one band playing and then the stage turning and then the other band playing; back and forth. I hope for some surprises and something completely different.

With the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia this community needs this festival more than ever and we have to bring the good vibes back to Virginia. It's all about the music. Music is transcending and can change people like nothing else can. Music is the language of us all, let's speak together. I am truly excited to cover this event for the first year with media access. I cannot wait to share this experience with all of you. This is my 5th year back at Lockn' and I am positive I will not be disappointed, bring it on.
By Jam Band Purist 

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