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Thursday, July 27

Watch Phish Pro Shot Video of The Lawn Boy become Lawn Man over 30 minutes of perfection

Watch Phish Pro Shot Video of The Lawn Boy  become Lawn Man  over 30 minutes of perfection.

    Phish loves a good joke! But when they released the flavor being Jam Filled on Tuesday. Every fan thought about hundreds of possibilities. The Frank Sinatraesque Short Lawn Boy was not one person's guess, dream or even desire. But this is why Phish jokes are the best..... They are rarely Funny, but always brilliant. But letting Lawn Boy become Lawn Man as the first Jam Filled song of the evening was nothing short of miraculous. Easily the only Lawn  Man that will ever be discussed. Enjoy 30 minutes of geniuses playing  improvisational music . This Jam is why we all chase this band. Can't I live while Ima Young-ish? Yes I Can!!!  
Phish Pro Shot Lawn. Man below. Caution increase exposure may cause changes in lifestyle and attitude. 

Lawn Man Reprise