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Wednesday, July 19

Today's winner and the newest contributor to Grateful Music is Ed Bank

Today's winner and the newest contributor to Grateful Music is Ed Bank. His entry is phenomenal and he is going to bring a perspective and experience that is exciting. 

I have been blown away by all the entries and have enjoyed 95.6% of all the submissions. Tomorrow winner is going to be a female. Then Friday I will print 3-5 wildcard entries and you will decide. Without further delay here is Ed Bank's winning editorial. 

In 1968 I wandered into the Fillmore East to hear a band that was rising in SF scene. Another band playing the psychedelia that I loved. I became transfixed with the sound and the sights and the out and out musicianship.

The band matured and so have I. As in all things in life, there were good nights, there were bad nights, there were mediocre nights. But even through the darkness, there were flashes of brilliance, times when the band and the audience and I were transformed and magic became real. Those were and are the moments I live for.

It's not the scene, it's not even who is playing, it is the music. It is the freedom of expression, the melding of styles, the intimacy, the exuberance that fills my heart, that lifts my soul, that tears me apart and puts me together again.
And in the end, the Grateful Dead and their various and sundry incarnations have defined who I am and who I will be. After all, there is nothing left to do, but smile, smile, smile.