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Wednesday, July 26

Phish Played Like It Was 1999 and a Carini So Completely Perfect

Phish Played Like It Was 1999 and a Carini So Completely Perfect. 

   Traditional Powder Sugar! There is nothing traditional about Phish's historic run at M.S.G. But goddamn it's as sweet as sugar and better than an eight ball in a whore house. They returned to an obscure a cappella opener and luckily  they returned for a monumental Jam Filled five song second set that was as nasty as my previous reference. 

    The first stanza was amazing but in the land of Baker’s Dozen that could mean the worst set of the run. It wasn't, mainly because the song selection was perfect and each song was played with the passion and the musical curiosity that we have all fallen in love with since this run ignited. The “Pebbles and Marbles” was just beautiful. I mean Wizard of Oz turns into color awesomeness. “Cars, Trucks and Buses” joined “Roses are Free” as the two tunes Phish fans love to hear when the boys are on fire. They have been 4 alarm on fire and it's hard to remember a time they have not been. I have been hypnotized by the hypnotic Baker’s Dozen Run! It has made my life have meaning again and nothing in the first set changed that. 

   Then the second half started and Phish played my favorite song “Carini” and it was everything I ever wanted my song to be. It was dark,dirty and as scary as shit. But it was also ambient, dreamy and explored territories that Music as never dared to venture before. Her head is still lumpy and Trey was a man possessed! He played the twisted melodies as he just kept laying down Tasty licks as Mike and Fishman drove the jam into intoxicated realms. 

Then it evaporated into another “Mr.Completely” that was performed like they did not take a 20 year hiatus after introducing it. Then they stamped this set as the definitive one of the run. The next three songs brought the fun back into Phish as they played Prince’s classic “1999” for the first time since they played it in this very same building on New Years in 1998. Then a Tim Burton version of “Steam” melted into Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” and Page transformed himself into a musical sorcerer wielding magic behind his stacks of ivory. Those five songs were absolutely phenomenal in every conceivable way. A Character Zero closed the show but most were looking for their jaws on the floor of the garden. Does it get any better than this? I sure hope so!!!!The debut of “Powderfinger” as the encore put a powdered sugar donut on top of the musical 

masterpiece. Plus it made me look smart as it was a song I guessed they would play. The marvelous thing is there are still 8 shows left. Can you imagine the Ghost we have coming our way? Well, I am going to try after I listen to the Carini again. There was nothing traditional about tonight's performance because it never felt like this and I been to over 250 shows since 1991. Our band is in the midst of a career defining run and everyone knows it. Especially the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Well……… the world may not end after these 13 shows. It better not, I am going to Dicks. 

New York , NY
SET 1: White Winter Hymnal[1], Cars Trucks Buses, My Soul, Roses Are Free, The Very Long Fuse, Gumbo, Yarmouth Road, Pebbles and Marbles, Farmhouse, Tube

SET 2: Carini -> Mr. Completely > 1999 > Steam > No Quarter, Character Zero

ENCORE: Powderfinger[2],

[1] Debut; a capella
[2] Debut