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Friday, July 14

Phish makes passionate music akin to lovers who have been apart for a year. It felt so right and was amazing but at times sloppy

Phish makes passionate music akin to lovers who have been apart for a year. It felt so right and was amazing but at times sloppy. 

   The first shows of summer in the 3.0 era have been a mixed bag. They have ranged anywhere from epic, all the way to disastrous. This show was closer to epic and far from a train wreck. It's been so long since Phish has performed , the music was intoxicating as Vermont's finest delivered what the masses craved. A fucking Phish show full of splendor and surprises. If you walk through the desert for a week, water tastes fucking great. Last night was a similar experience only they served Gatorade and watermelon. 
    They slapped us from the start with the first ever "What's the use" opener and it was actually a brilliant version of the melodic musical journey. We also learned why it's never been in the one slot,  but hearing Phish was all the opener anyone needed. They first went off script with a "Wolfman's Brother" that took a left turn into some impressive improvisation with the band displaying patience that produced some tasty moments while Trey touched on " Dave's Energy Guide before slaying a solo that got the faithful into a frenzy. That momentum was traded for a couple of Phishy moments and that's why we keep coming back. They busted out a tune over a 100 years old and sang it gathered around the capella microphone. It does not matter what it was,  but it's in the Setlist and if you're about statistics then I recommend baseball. Another debut followed and the foursome actually took T.A.B's "Everything Right" into Type 2 territory and it was fun while Page kicked off a jam that had potential before it fizzled out. The crowd was  appreciative of the effort more than the song selections. Next, they attempted "Limb by Limb", I was present in St.Louis for the phenomenal rendition in 2012, while this will not get that sort of replay it did have its moments and was effective getting the show back on track. Hot Rize's bluegrass staple "Neille Kane'" followed and that's never a bad first set choice. The first bloodshed happened when a rusty "Theme From The Bottom" was attempted and that is being kind. A straight forward "Blaze On" closed the first stanza that lacked fluidity but had its moments. But often first sets are Phish opening for themselves and luckily this was the case. 

  The second half opened with a adventurous "No Mans in No Man's Land".  Suddenly ten minutes of heavenly improv that featured Trey laying down some kinetic riffs. On top of Fishman pushing the jam into unknown territory our band was present. Up next was a phish second set that included heavenly jams that had the fans dancing with purpose without the burden of knowing the destination. "My Friend My Friend " freaked you out in the best way, while you wondered where that come from. Then we got the hilarious "Your Pet Cat" that exploded into the tune of the night with a fitting "Golden Age" only to be the meat to a Your Pet Cat" musical sandwich. A new ballad followed that I really enjoyed titled, "Leaves" . It was the perfect perspective and featured Page and Trey traded Vocals that gave this new tune instant magic. Then the fearless foursome performed an earnestly "Harry Hood" with plenty of dressing complete with teases galore. The band was dialed in with a "Shine A Light" and "Julius" to close the second stanza. For the encore they served more of my favorite meal, fresh Phish. The new tune had a funky almost reggae feel and will develop into a face melting monster in Mercury time. . They sent everyone home with "Ticket Stubs" in their hands with a double encore. Was the show perfect......... why yes it was. Will it be remembered and discussed for years to come? Not a chance! Our Band is Back and for tonight that was plenty to comprehensively ponder and celebrate. 
Soundcheck: Waiting All Night, Waking Up Dead, Miss You, Sing Monica (courtesy /u/El_Oso_Blanco)

Set 1 (8:34 pm - 9:47 pm): What's The Use? [1] > Breath and Burning > Wolfman's Brother, In The Good Old Summertime [2], Everything's Right [3] > Limb by Limb, Nellie Kane > Theme from the Bottom > Blaze On

Set 2 Set 2 :No Men In No Man's Land > Fuego > My Friend, My Friend > Your Pet Cat -> Golden Age -> Your Pet Cat, Leaves[2] > Harry Hood > Shine a Light, Julius

Encore: Love Is What We Are[2] > Golgi Apparatus

[1] Phish debut.
[2] Debut.

E (

[1] First time WTU? has opened a show or set

[2] a capella; Billy Murray cover; Phish debut

[3] TAB cover; Phish debut