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Friday, July 21

Phish Had Not Gone Coconuts Has They Begin Their 13 Night Run In Historic Fashion

Phish Had Not Gone Coconuts Has They Begin Their 13 Night Run In Historic Fashion

    I never doubted Phish not only knew what they were doing, but they were going to make Phishtory when they announced their 13 night run at Madison Square Garden. Well, maybe I though they had gone a little donuts. Shame on me! After seeing this band since 1991, I should know they have everything under control even when it's seems they have gone Coconuts. 

   This time the joke is at my expense because tonight Phish made a huge statement throwing down a performance everybody and nobody saw coming. Let's dive right in! Tonight's donut flavor was coconut, usually I hate fucking Coconut but tonight it never tasted better and it did not smell like ladies lying in the sun. They got the festivities started with a Junior Senior cover "Shake your Coconuts". That was Phish's way of saying game on and this is going to be worth all the money.  The first set was solid, actually it was fucking great. It included a bold "Timber" and a an adventurous "Reba" even without the whistling. The first stanza closed with an epic version of "Walls of the Cave". It left everyone breathless has we all had to wait about an hour for the giant "Tweezer" and the magical second half. 
   The took the stage and fulfilled their destiny when they launched into a huge "Tweezer". The jam that followed was beyond epic and the crowd exploded. The nasty jam beautifully bled into a ambient "Seven Below"' The rest of the set was absolutely phenomenal. They were patient on almost every number, resulting in perfect  improvisational heaven. They were dialed in and listening to each other as musical ideas were floating among them. They were in complete harmony akin to The Four Tops at the county fair. The  jam of the night exploded out of the new tune "Everything's Right". You goddamn right it is, as they took this tune into territory usually reserved for classics. But over the next 13 shows every tune will be a defining version. Ever song fit perfectly into the set. Complete with the ever elusive "Mango Song" encore. This is about to be two weeks that we will talk, listen and discuss for the rest of our lives. I am left home going fucking Coconuts! We will get the Tweezer Reprise in three marvelous weeks. Glaze On! 

Setlist from Reddit