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Monday, July 17

Phish announces Free Webcast for Dayton!

Phish announces Free webcast for Dayton, Ohio tomorrow night. 

  Phish may feel guilty for laying two and 1/2 ducks in Chicago or they think the added pressure will help the band find the magic. But we all know it's because they kick ass! Tommorrow night they will give a free webcast of their performance at the Nutter Center  in Dayton, Ohio. Let's not forget that one of the best shows in Phish's history was performed at that very venue. It's still is easily one of my top 5 shows that I have witnessed from any band. will host a free webcast of Tuesday nights Dayton's show live. Both sets can be viewed on YouTube or on the link below l. Showtime is slated for 7:30 p.m. ET.