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Sunday, July 30

Listen to moe.s emotional last show with Rob Derhak before he enters treatment for cancer. Also get my sentiments about the moe. Hiatus.

Listen to moe.s emotional last show with Rob Derhak before he enters treatment for cancer. Also get my sentiments about the moe. and their hiatus.  

    Since I discovered moe. at the first Furthur Festival in 1996 they been a mainstay in our scene and my life. In hindsight I may have taken them for granted. It did not matter if Phish was breaking up or String Cheese was going on hiatus. moe. was going to blow my mind 4-8 times a year. Over the past 25 years they have been the quintessential jam Band. Almost without exception you could count on moe. to have four tours a year,  always deliver the goods on Halloween and New Years. They constantly blew minds while the festival circuit got up and running. Hell, they started the late night tradition at Bonnaroo with a historic show at the first installment of that once, great festival. I will never forget dancing to that Cracker song with the sun coming up. (You know that one Cracker song, I like being stoned or whatever)They release some of the best albums in our scene. In a genre where studio albums are usually a disappointment moe. are incredible songwriters and are one of the few bands whose studio recordings stay in my listening rotation. 

   Then the news that bassist Rob Derhak had oropharyngeal cancer and they would be taking a hiatus. The news had a profound effect on me. I have seen and covered moe. so many times it felt similar to a friend having a heath scare. It was one of the many reminders I have been receiving lately that I am not invincible. We have since learned the details, they caught the cancer early and Rob is expected to make a full recovery. His family and spirit will go through Hell and his body will scream for mercy. It's goes without saying, everybody here at Grateful Music will have him in our thoughts. We can not wait till we can celebrate with the band when he returns has the straw that stirs their musical drink. 
   On Friday night moe. made their last performance with Rob on bass in Idaho at Huckleberry Jam before the hiatus. They will play at Lockn' with Phil Lesh as and that promises to be a highlight at a festival full of them. The show was live streamed on Facebook so all their fans could share in the moment. 
The two sets did not disappoint has it contained all originals that spanned their entire career. The second stanza was heavy on the improvisational music and the beloved songs that have surrounded their musical madness all these years. In fact the insanity played out perfectly as follows Recreational Chemistry > meat. > Moth.  Included is boths sets of the remarkable show and videos. It was a proper send off and we can't wait till moe. has returned at full strength. Rob get well soon and I will never take y'all for granted again. 

Thanks to Jambase and Taper Mark Smith we can listen to moe.'s emotional show before hiatus 
[Captain America]
Stream full show audio of Friday’s concert taped by 


Set One: Moth > Puebla > Annihilation Blues > Silver Sun > Jazz Wank > Four > Akimbo
Set Two: Recreational Chemistry > meat. > Moth (End)
Encore: Wind It Up
Encore Two: Captain America