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Wednesday, July 26

Let's watch and breakdown some videos from The Phish's first four shows of Phishtory.

Let's watch and breakdown some videos from The Phish's first four shows of Phishtory.

A ton of the videos I wanted to share and add my two cents have literally been pulling from YouTube. A few while I was running my keyboard. But for good reason! I am not a fan of stealing from a band that gives so much. There is still a nice chunk of tunes to go back and ponder. 4 down and Phishtory to Go! 

       It's impossible to pick out every gold video from four nights of solid 24 karate gold. But let's try! 
   Let's start with the Sunday Morning opener. To me it really captures how much thought the boys put into this run and how fun the donut flavors are to guess. Just when we think we figured it out. They play tribute to Velvet Ungerground. Plus Fishman is wearing a fucking crown. 

Here is the Down with Disease from 7-22-. It's not the longest ever played. But once again they let the song proceed by its own design. They jam bounces between ambient to aggressive and all points in between

Let's observe another from the first night of the run. This 7 Below is 100% Bliss. They don't force anything unnecessary into an already beautiful song. They just play the song and let it develop by its own design 

Let's watch the Glide from 7-23 no commentary needed. I am just Glad

Next up is the Jam the exploded out of " Wolfman's Brother. It's everything that makes Phish the best improvisation musicians since Miles Davis. 

Let's take the It's Ice from Sunday Night. It's not incredibly long, but it's the perfect example of why the run is so magical. Every tune has extra passion when they perform it and this is golden 

Next up let's take the Fuego from last night awe inspiring Jam Filled performance. The night Lawn Boy became Lawn Man and the best X-Eyed since Y2K

    I can't believe we still have 9 shows left in what has become their career defining run. I remember after Y2K, Trey commented how could they ever top the 8 hour set. I believe mixed with Trey's drug problems that trying to match up to that magical night is a big reason why 2.0 was so horrific. How else can one explain why we had 28 minute Jibbos and I Gotto go
But we will leave you how Phish left us last night, finishing LAWN MAN