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Monday, July 31

John Mayer Busts Out They Love Each Other at Shorline. Watch and get 411

John Mayer Busts Out  They Love Each Other at Shorline. Watch and get 411

Photo by Aaron Bradley from Dead & Company 
        John Mayer is officially on the bus. His first solo album he released after he joined Dead and Company did not reflect his new passion. But, it was practically finished before he started playing in the Band. I am real curious to hear his next release, I almost guarantee it will be a departure from his previous albums. Since he joined Dead & Company he has changed a lot of life's and according to his interviews, his life is drastically different. His live show certainly shows the Dead's influence, besides changing the Setlists. He also breaks it up in three sections. He plays with his trio, acoustic and his band. Bob Weir joined him recently for covers of "Friend of the Devil" and "Knocking on heaven Door". He played " They Love Each Other" for the first time at Shorline the other night. It's a fantastic version, Watch! 

What the video by Christina Reeves: