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Saturday, July 1

Holy Cow! Dead and Company performed a perfect game in their first performance of a doubleheader at Wrigley Field. Photos by Aaron Bradley

Holy Cow! Dead and Company performed a perfect game in their first performance of a doubleheader at Wrigley Field. Setlist, Videos, Full Audio and my 411 Photos by Aaron Bradley 
Grateful Shitballs! In a tour that has constantly improved since the first show. Dead and Company had everyone at the friendly confines in hysterics last night with a performance for the ages. The six piece all star band was dialed in from the appropriate opener in the form of a lively “Music Never Stopped”. To say that everyone was dancing in historic Wrigley Field would be an understatement. Following solid renditions of “Bertha” and “Me and my Uncle” The band played a much needed “Sugaree” with Mayer’s patience paying off, it was easily the warmest version of the summer. The band really opened things up with "Let it Grow” and damn the jam certainly did just that, as John took this jam vehicle deep and past the ivory with his scorching guitar work. The short first set ended with a classic version of “Uncle John’s Band”, with John and Bobby both playing acoustic guitars giving this anthem an early seventies feel. 
   The second stanza more than made up for the short first set with one heavy hitter after another. The famous opening licks of “Shakedown Street” sent the crowd celebrating similar to when the Cubs finally won the  Series last year. The second half was off to a rousing start and the band never looked back. “Shakedown” dissolved into an adventurous “Dark Star” while they only sang the first verse, I am confident they will revisit the holy grail tonight. Dark Star took a psychotic turn into a dreamy “Saint Stephen” as the music truly played the band. On this night of a thousand stars, Oteil was up next with a pure  “China Doll”, but the boy's were far from finished as they launched into the masterpiece “Terrapin Station” and all was perfect in the universe.
 The unblemished Terrapin evaporated into an “Uncle John's Band” Reprise firmly planting jaws on the ground. Drums and Space followed while everyone got their head in the proper place or continued the dance party. Space soon bled into a cathartic “Standing on the Moon”. At this point it was obvious this show was special but that was officially certified has the ballad launched into the trifecta “Help>Slip>Franklin’s Tower”. 
The six piece was firing on every cylinder while they certainly rolled away the Dew to end this perfect game. A heartfelt “Ripple” followed by a smoking “U.S Blues” was more than a sufficient encore, for easily the show of the summer. There comes a time when all tours come to an end and tonight will certainly have everyone dancing in the streets. See you tonight! 
Kevin Long 



Thanks to Jambase we have complete audio of last night's magic. 

[The Music Never Stopped]

[Shakedown Street]


[Full Show Audio]