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Thursday, July 20

Watch Jackie Greene's Insane Video for "Modern Lives" from Oscar-Nominated animator Bill Plympton

Watch Jackie Greene's Insane Video for "Modern Lives" from Oscar-Nominated animator Bill Plympton

     Jackie Greene's modest release he had planned for his new E.P. Titled The Modern Lives has just become a big fucking deal. The video for the title track is animated by Bill Plympton and its visual stunning.
 The Oscar nominee known for shorts such as "Guards Dog" "The Tune"Mutants and Angels" ance" and many successful sequels has created the video for the title track "The Modern Lives".  Jackie recorded the music by himself in the basement studio of his New York apartment building and is releasing Volume 1 on October 13th with Volume 2 to be released at a later date. Greene told Billboard, " He met Plympton years ago through mutual friends in California and learned the animator was a fan of his music. And the feeling was mutual. "I really dug a lot of his work," Greene says. "It's kind of challenging -- obviously really funny and sort of borderline on offensive sometimes, like any good work. But it also has this homemade, very lo-fi indie quality to it, and I thought that style works really well in my mind with the aesthetic of these (The Modern Lives) recordings. So we reached out to him."
Greene ambitious plans is to have Plympton create a video for each track on both volumes off his blues infused "The Modern Lives" has shined a bigger spotlight on his career, but that has always been a matter of time. Jackie Greene goes on to explain to Billboard how his modest plans for "The Modern Lives" ballooned into a full blown record. He told the publication, 
"I didn't start out that way," he says with a laugh. "It started out me recording stuff in my basement. I didn't go into the basement thinking, 'I'm making a record down here,' 'cause there's a homemade quality to it. It just kind of developed and I really liked the way it was coming out and I thought, 'Why not let that be the record?,' then turned it into a project. It's something different for our fans, but I think it came out sounding like a real record."
   Being a lifelong Greene fanatic, I could not be more excited for the project and the excitement it has garnered. I believe he has reached a point in his career where every song he records is of high quality and it has become impossible not to listen to his records on repeat. His live performances are becoming addicting akin to The Grateful Dead because you ache to experience every song performed live in his loaded catologue. Watch the first collaboration with the celerbrated animated film maker below. Thanks to Jackie Greene and Billboard. 

The Modern Lives, Vol. 1 Track List

1. "Modern Lives"
2. "Back Of My Mind"
3. "Tupelo"
4. "Good Advice"
5. "The Captain's Daughter"
6. "Alabama Queen