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Sunday, July 2

Dead and Company wrapped a Bow around a epic Summer Tour with another gem. Ship of Fools made its first appearance at Wrigley

Dead and Company wrapped a Bow around an epic Summer Tour with another gem.  I believe in magic! Setlist, Videos, Photos and my 411 
  Dead and Company wrapped up a two night stand and summer tour in phenomenal fashion Saturday night at Wrigely Field. After last night's theatrics, the buzz outside in the lot, was how would they top Friday night? In Grateful fashion they did not try, they simply gave the sold out crowd an entirely different and uniquely magical experience. 
 The tour closer opened with a energetic "Cold Rain and Snow", followed by the coveted western anthem "Jack Straw". Just like the performance from Friday the six piece was dialed in and played every tune like it was their last. "Tennessee Jed" reminded myself my fun was about to come to an end. The next bust out hit me like my first kiss when John Mayer and Oteil led the band through their first "Ship of Fools".
Photo by Ken Barnard 
The haunting rendition dripped with equal parts sorrow and purpose. The rare Jerry gem literally had tears rolling down my face while Mayer nailed the pain this song encompasses. Oteil's lyrics snagged the beauty and hope. Bobby and John picked up their acoustic sticks and finished last night's "Dark Star". The "Friend of the Devil" that followed was also performed acoustically, while the crowd happily help sing the standard. Mayer then got the sold out crowd dancing with the song that turned him deadicated "Althea". The colloquial first set ended with a uplifting version of "Casey Jones". 
Photo Stephen Scott
 The second stanza took flight immediately with the fan favorite "Sugar Magnolia". Bobby had a ball lifting this classic to extreme heights. The much anticipated "Dancing in the Streets" followed and took on the formula of a late sixties version,  has we were all definitely dancing in Chicago. A spacey "Playing in the Band" had all six musicians equally driving this song into that sacred place we all chase. The jam equivalent to a colossal painting. It add colorful layers of improvisation perfection. Then Oteil stepped up to the mic and delivered a cathartic "Comes a Time" that left few dry eyes among the content blessed heads. The boy's all playing as one, proceeded to blow the ivory of the outfield with a monstrous version of 
"Scarlet>Fire". We certainly all had one of those flashes, that we been there before. Then Oteil led the band through a wondrous "Fire on the Mountain" that had the masses dancing in a tribal like fashion. Things got weird as Drums and Space took their place in the night. The extremely trippy jam dissolved into a psychotic "Other One" that had faces melting across the hallowed grounds. Then the only tune that can put an exclamation point on a perfect tour hit me like a dream. The chaos bled profoundly into "Days Between".  Bobby performed the lyrics with resolve while Jeff filled the magestic tune with his sorrowful notes. It was akin to him making love to his ivory. The next song we all knew was coming, but I would not want it any other way. As the band played an uplifting "Not Fade Away".
  Our love is certainly bigger than a Cadillac for this band of destiny. Of course the tour ended with "Brokedown Palace", it was a historic summer tour after all. Just to drive this point home, Bobby finished the night ending his musical sandwich with " Sunshine Daydream" while Fireworks danced across the sky.
 What a weekend, what a tour..... what a fucking band. Our love will certainly not fade away, nor will the memories of this prodigious tour. While across the country we danced to music dripping with exaltation each show. Thanks to the Dead and all good Company! 
Kevin Long 
Photo by Ken Barnard


Ship of Fools 

Cold Rain and Snow 

Not Fade Away

Sugar Magnolia 

Brokedown Palace >SS Daydream

Sunshine Daydream with Firworks