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Wednesday, July 12

Breaking News......Phish is Rehearsing Look at the Trucks

Breathtaking News!!!! Phish is rehearsing for those handful of show this summer. Big Trucks 

From the world of no shit!! 
You heard me right Phreaks! Phish is practicing and they also shit, eat and get dressed. (except for John) 
    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Phish rented the BMO Harris Bradley Center for a week for rehearsals for their summer sessions. It's ironic that this is news and I would be surprised if your still reading these words. It's also frustrating that they are practicing almost as many days as their bittersweet short summer engagements. A truck driver having a smoke confirmed that the band is spending time and money so they will not be rusty for their upcoming cock tease of a tour. He was having a smoke when he confirmed the earth shattering news. Don't get me wrong a little Phish is better than no Phish, but considering I hate M.S.G and the idea of playing 13 shows in one venue is not Phun. At least ,I will get my three nights at Dicks, but I am afraid that will leave me with blue balls. Their is a half dozen semi trucks out front and the band plans on joining them later in the week. I find it odd that they need a huge venue to practice. Hopefully they will play a few shows for the fine folks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are heading to Chicago for three nights starting Friday. I hate Phishing Season is so short this year, but our boy's will find a way to make the most of it. I do not know what to expect, but Trey singing "I Miss You"three times in one venue. Glaze On and hopefully I will see you at Dicks. This just in............................One year ago today you clicked on a story and hopefully you will again today and next year . Please click on a ad and don't forget the hottest band changes when their contract is up. 
Kevin Long