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Sunday, June 18

Phish drummer John Fishman wins local election in his hometown in Maine.

Phish drummer John Fishman wins local election in his hometown in Maine. 
     The U.S.A Today reported that John Fishman, the drummer of Phish is the newest selectman in Lincolnville, Main. Has we already know, he surely knows how to drum... up votes.  In Tuesday's election, Fishman's vote totaled 356 and Gerritsen 370. He was not the only celebrity to become part of the five member board, Josh Gerritsen is a designer and a filmmaker. He is the son of well known novelist Tess Gerristen. 
John Fishman's wife Briar, is a member of the school board. They have five kids and have called the town home for the past 10 years. You have to love a town that is liberal enough to vote a dress wearing, drummer to the five member school board. Let's hope this is just the beginning of Fishman's political aspirations. Fishman in 2020 sure sounds good! 
Kevin Long