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Wednesday, June 28

Dead and Companys performance was beautiful at Blossom. Thanks to a free webcast the show was enjoyed by many Deadheads.

Dead and Companys  performance was beautiful at Blossom. Watch the entire show in pro-shot, Setlist and my 411.,
   (Photos, screenshots from the free webcast) 

Dead and Company rolled into Cleveland, Ohio tonight after two nights of rest. It was obvious from the opener "Hell in a Bucket" that the two days off was much appreciated, Bobby's voice sounded refreshed and in strong shape. This was affirmed by his amazing take on "Black Throated Wind". John delivered an outstanding "Row Jimmy", with all six members firing on all cylinders, while Bobby was actually seen rowing to this gem proving the band was having  as much fun as the crowd. This was evident during "Cassidy" as they took the jam into another dimension. The first stanza came to an end with "Big Railroad Blues". 
 The second half took on a more psychedelic tone as the band opened with the dynamic duo of "China Cat Sunflower" into "I know you Rider" to the delight of everyone. The classic one, two punch was played to perfection before dissolving into a bittersweet "He's Gone". I am usually don't a huge fan of John and Bobby rotating vocal duties,but it's effective on this particular classic. The vocal jam was particularly lively as the band was dialed in with smiles abound. If Mayer was not singing vocally his guitar was profoundly making his presence heard during this moving jam. The spiritual "He's Gone" dissolved into the anthem "Trucken" as the audience happily sang along. It's safe to say after 52 years of magic it certainly has been a long, strange trip indeed. This was followed by Drums and Space. 
 The usual ambient space included a funky jam before turning into a rocky version of "I need a Miracle". Bobby could not get a handle on the lyrics and the band seemed to get lost. It was the only sour note of the evening. Weir and Company more than made up for the hiccup with a mesmerizing take on "Wharf Rat". The band performed this angelic tune with patience and Bobby's vocals were spot on. Many fans want Oteil to sing all Jerry ballads and he does an amazing job when the band calls on him. I believe  that Bobby should sing any tune from his brother's catalogue that calls him. I would rather hear the love in Bobby's voice than a perfect pitch and "Wharf Rat" and "Morning Dew" are perfect examples. A rare "Good Lovin" got Blossom dancing and smiling while the boy's closed out the show it style. They encored with the coveted "Black Muddy River" and Mayer handled this delicate gem perfectly bringing an end to another majestic show. We are down to two show in Chicago at historic Wringly Feild this weekend. This perfect summer is guaranteed to come to an epic ending with plenty of beloved tunes to be performed in a historic venue.There comes a time when you get in your car and ride. I hope to see everyone in Chicago!
Thanks to Dead and Company and for the free webcast. 

Set One
Hell in a Bucket 
Mississippi 1/2 step 
Black Throated Wind
Row Jimmy 
Big River
Big Railroad Blues
Set 2 
China Cat Sunflower>
I Know you Rider>
He's Gone>
I Need A Miracle>
Good Lovin
Black Muddy River 

Set 1 

Set 2